BAUCE Bae Goals: How These Power Couples Are Building Unstoppable Brands Together 

Melody and Martell Holt Image

It’s hard to scroll on social media without seeing #relationshipgoals. But, what these images don’t show is the hard work and effort it takes for strong couples to build not only each other and their families, but sustainable and budding businesses.

While BAUCE women are exceptional by themselves, handling business and family, these women are harnessing the power of two, creating and building sustainable wealth and empires with their partners.

Melody and Martell Holt

When one thinks of lawn maintenance, women are not typically what comes to mind. However, Melody Holt is quickly changing that! Melody is the CEO of Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship, LLC., which specializes in Lawn Maintenance Hazard Claim Repair and Property Preservation with her husband Martell. Before she was 30, Melody’s acute business acumen and commitment helped grow the pair’s company from a million dollar to a multi-million dollar company. With her husband right by her side, she has courageously laid claim laid claim in a traditionally male-dominated arena, forging new territory for herself and generations of young girls to see in executive positions.

The Holts founded their business in 2009 in Huntsville, Alabama,  and within a few short years have become one of the top-rated preservation companies in their region, in home expansion, rehabs, restoration, and complete home remodels, with expansions in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, Chicago, and Virginia.

While their business’ success is extensive and noteworthy, both attribute its success to the duo’s strong commitment to one another and strong foundation they’ve created as husband and wife.

Melinda and Delfondo Heron


When a mother sees her family in need, the length she’ll go to solve their issues is unfathomable. This couldn’t be truer for Melinda Heron, who went into action after noticing her son and husband Delfondo battling with chronic skin inflammation. Unwilling to leave her family’s health in limbo, she and her husband created 103 Collection – an all natural skin, hair, and beard company free of toxic chemicals, which include Cedarwood Bergamot Beard Care, Peppermint Ginger Lime Shampoo and more!

The teen-aged sweethearts say their business relationship is a reflection of their love for one another. The growth of the brand, according to Melinda is partly due to the duo’s ability to appreciate each other’s strength and weaknesses.

“We don’t refer to ourselves as working together, we create together. Our relationship is mutually beneficial because it’s a true balance of aggressive and reserved. That motivation and positive energy encouraged,” said Melinda.

Dayna and Ernest Bolden

Dayna Bolden with husband

Unless you’ve been living under a social media rock, then you’ve seen Lifestyle and Beauty Influencer and Creative Dayna Bolden trending on your feed. Serving as the Creative Director of and Bolden Creative Media, the digital marketing maven has worked on campaigns with esteemed clientele such as VH1, Macy’s, Revlon, Disney, DSW, Dove, WNBA, and many more!

While Dayna has earned her rightful place as the queen of social media, she and her husband are quietly building a 6-figure family brand that has truly become #baegoals. Opening their life and love with followers online has garnered partnerships to help elevate brands such as REEDS Jewelers, Sally Beauty and RICH by Rick Ross, Dave and Busters and many more.

Are you building your dreams with bae? We want to know!

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