9 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable for the Whole Family During A Pandemic

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Keeping your home cozy is more important now than ever. While we’re required to stay indoors, staying comfortable around the people you love is really essential. How do you do it? Here are some ways.

1. Display your memories

You can instantly add warmth to your home by displaying family photos on your walls. Print out some of your happiest memories and frame them. You can also add in other things that inspire you. For example, do you like traveling? Are you a huge beagle lover? Add those photos too. The key is to get you inspired. The best areas to put up these photos are the hallway and the stairway.

2. Place rugs for your feet

Nothing feels as good as having a soft layer of fabric on your feet. They are best placed in areas where you are most likely to do relaxing activities like next to the bed, in front of your reading chair, under the coffee table, by the fireplace, etc.

3. Replace your new mattress

Maybe your old mattress has been giving you those back aches first thing in the morning. It could also be the reason why you’re not feeling as well-rested most days. If that’s the case, it’s time to get new mattresses for better sleep. Take your time choosing mattresses online and don’t hesitate to take advantage of their free trial. They’re a big investment and most mattress companies will let you try out their product first before you fully commit. 

4. Pile in throw pillows

If your living room couch is looking a bit empty, it could just need several throw pillows to make it inviting. Bring in the pillows you’ve been hiding in the closet and cover them with festive pillow covers. This makes your living room feel more vibrant and family members will want to commune here more often. 

5. Get rid of clutter

Having to look at a messy space everyday can be a source of stress. You can easily fix that by decluttering. Start small by going into each room, eliminating the items you don’t need and finding a home for those that you do decide to keep. You’ll feel better being surrounded by only the things that you really need. 

6. Add fresh flowers

Bring in some fresh flowers outside and place them on a vase to be displayed in your home. It adds natural beauty to a dreary space and can really lighten up a room. If you’re not into flowers, consider adding greens instead. They, too, spruce up your home and purify indoor air.  They also last longer than flowers.


7. Use soft lighting

Your home may be well-illuminated but is it emitting the right kind of light? Fluorescent lights tend to be harsher and they emit a blue light that messes with your circadian rhythm. Thus, you may want to consider switching to circadian lighting. But what is circadian lighting? It is lighting that is designed to have a positive biological impact. It makes your evenings feel cozier because the warm light signals your brain that it’s time to wind down.

8. Add spa elements

You can incorporate some spa elements into your home to make it extra cozy. Think candles, diffusers, diffusers, relaxing music, trickling fountains, gentle lighting. Add these throughout your home like the bedroom, living room, and bathroom. Everyday will be like a relaxing spa session that leaves you feeling rejuvenated. 

9. Do some DIY

A way to make your home truly feel like your own is by furnishing it with items that you made yourself. Take on a DIY project such as a refurbished coffee table, hand sewn pillow cases, or a self-drawn portrait. Get the kids involved too! This adds personality to your home that no other furniture can.

You can also take on a DIY basement remodeling project to turn your basement into a gym, office, or even a man cave. While you’re at it, you can invest in a sanicompact toilet system so you no longer need to deal with complex plumbing and common issues in your newly-remodeled space.

We hope this helps to make your home so comfy, you never want to leave!

Which of these tips are you going to try out first? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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