Looking for a Fresh Start? Here are 5 Reasons to Move to New Zealand

If you’re looking for something super new consider the Pacific Ocean.

Many things spark change.

You might feel stagnated where you are and may want a different environment, or you might be looking for a fresh start.

Whichever the reason, the decision to move to an entirely new place is never an easy one. The uncertainty of what comes with it is definitely enough to stop one on their tracks.

If you are considering moving to New Zealand, this article will help you understand some of the main aspects of life there. With any luck, it will inch you closer to falling in love with the country.

1. New Zealand is Clean and Beautiful

While the pollution levels in the country are rising with urbanization and industrialization, its pollution levels are still relatively low compared to other countries.

The rivers and lakes in NZ have also remained largely unpolluted and are relatively safe to take a dip in.

On a scale measuring pollution against several indicators, NZ pollution scores are quite low.

This makes it the perfect place to live and raise a family.

2. World-Class Education Systems

The education system in NZ is diverse and ranks highly globally, maintaining good standards in math, literacy, and sciences.

This system consists of three levels; early childhood, school, and university,

Students go through an increasingly international system influenced by a multicultural teaching staff and student population.

You can be sure that your young ones will get an all-rounded education. For tertiary level students, education institutions in NZ offer a wide range of courses to choose from.

3. Job Opportunities

With an unemployment rate of 4.2%, job opportunities in the country are quite favorable.

This has been a result of stable economic growth, which has seen the unemployment rates in the country hit an all-time low.

While this growth is expected to stabilize or drop in the next year or so, the country will still need several thousand employees each year.

The bulk of these will be in highly skilled fields and will be filled by overseas workers- much like yourself.

There are numerous opportunities for people looking for generalist jobs as well as professionals who specialized in different fields.

4. Work-Life Balance

Work till you drop is indeed a foreign concept to Kiwis, and it will become to you as well. Once you make the move.

Kiwis want it all; a great career and an even better social life. And they have managed to find the balance.

New Zealanders appreciate the value of hard work and building stellar careers. They also appreciate the value of family, community, and enjoying all life has to offer.

With a strong sense of community, sport, beautiful landscapes, and reasonable maternity leave durations, Kiwis indeed have enough incentive to protect their work-life balance.

5. Great Quality of Life

This is another area NZ ranks highly at, taking up a top 10 spot in global quality of life rankings.

First off, the country adopts a slow pace of life. Most neighborhoods are uncrowded, allowing residents to move freely without competing for space and amenities.

Less crowding also means minimal traffic in most places, save for Auckland. This makes it much easier to get where you need to be within reasonable timelines.

Your health will be well taken care of as well, as there is an extensive network of public and private medical services.

Ready for the Big Move?

As you can see, these five aspects of life in New Zealand make it a great country to live, work, and raise a family.

Undoubtedly, there will be some downside as-well-as with any other country in the world. Carry out more research on these, but rest assured that the most important aspects of life are well taken care of in NZ.

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