How This Single Mom Launched A Successful Organic Candle Business After Getting Laid Off

Kristin Scott-Biggs candle owner gifts of a virgo

Kristin Scott-Biggs didn’t plan to be an entrepreneur. In fact, she expected to live a pretty normal life until she found herself laid off as a single mother. With her back against the wall, Biggs found herself at an impasse. Would she resort to looking for another 9-to-5, or would she risk it all and pursue uncharted territory and own her own business? She decided the latter and created a candle business, Gifts From A Virgo, which specializes in 100 percent soy candles that also double as skin moisturizers when melted.

“It just all came from an idea. It was literally something that I fell into. I couldn’t find a decent job so I thought about candles. Everybody loves candles,” she said.

In April 2012, Biggs dove head first into her business, dedicating countless hours learning the ins and outs of her newfound industry via Youtube. However, after months of sleep deprivation, trial and error and multiple unsuccessful attempts to create the perfect candle, the Youngstown, Ohio native realized it was time for her to reach out for support, and was connected to a mentor.

Unbeknownst to Biggs, success would not come overnight. Over the course of several months, she would experience an enormous amount of failures, several of which left her so defeated she quit and  considered walking away completely.

“I was like I’m done. I literally stopped for 4 months.”

But after trial and error, she finally created a product she could be proud of, launching her initial eight scented soy candles in October 2012 as a vendor at an event and the rest is history.

Fast forward to today and Biggs’ resilience definitely paid off. Her initial eight scents have now exploded to nearly 50 soy candles, melts and candle warmers, and that kitchen where she started is now an office in her hometown in Youngstown, Ohio.

Her soy candles are made of 100 percent soybean oil, produce less soot with no toxic emission and last longer than traditional wax candles. They also serve as natural massage oils when melted that can be applied directly to the skin to treat dry skin.

Additionally, each candle offers a unique and distinct and eccentric candle scent, like the delicious decadent smell of “Cake, Cake, Cake,” “Sweet Love” and “Lemon Colada,” that has attracted a much larger group of supporters from her original friends and family to people across the country, including Necole Kane of XONecole, singer, Tiffany Evans, actress, Lisa Raye Socialite, Blac Chyna, Rapper Dej Loaf and Dana Chanel founder of “Sprinkle of Jesus.”

She has been featured in Rolling Out Magazine, Sheen Magazine,, Black Enterprise among others.

“It really makes me feel good because I’m pushing a good product. It started booming and then I was like I got it. I just keep trying to keep going and keep perfecting it and hopefully it just keeps expanding,” she said.

Much of her achievements, she explains is due to her active presence online. Utilizing social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a marketing technique have grown her customer base significantly to include more than 10K followers.

“Social media and networking are so important. It’s like a trend.  I have so many people email me after seeing other people with my candles on Facebook and Instagram,” she said.

While social media has played a pivotal role in spreading her brand, it is Scott’s relentless work ethic that keeps her motivated during long and grueling hours of tedious candle making that, at times, make sleep a luxury. She laughs while discussing her lack of sleep amidst pursuing her goal.

“When you want to make it, there’s nothing that stops you. I don’t want to work a 9 to 5 all my life. If I know that there’s something to do I can’t go to sleep,” she said.

For more information, visit or follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dorothy Whitfield

    May 19, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    I absolutely love this article, as it relates to my current situation at the moment. I am a single mother, who was recently laid off. Working a 9-5 is not ideal. This article is motivation as I am seeking entrepreneurship. Thank you BauceMag for this incredible article.

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