Kim Stylz on Turning Negatives Into Positives

Our Bauces come from a variety of walks of life and posses an array of talents. This month’s Bauce was able to rise above tremendous adversities at a young age, turn her life around, and find a passion that has been financially sustainable for her family. Meet Kim Stylz, a celebrity fashion designer and stylist from California who has worked in the industry for 10 years.  Her company, KimCouture Kollection, features a diverse set of customized garments and couture clothing and accessories. In our BAUCE of the month interview, Kim shares how anyone can rise above their tribulations to succeed.

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 4.16.41 AMBauce: Your mother died when you where 15. How did her death impact your life?

Kim Stylz: My mother’s death forced me to grow up and mature at an early age. Her death did not lead me down the wrong path. It was the influence of other people around me who eventually led me down the wrong path.

When did your interest in fashion design begin to develop? Did you always want to be a fashion designer?

Kim: I’ve always wanted to be a glamorous designer. My passion developed as a child. I always wanted to be “dressed to impress.”

After getting pregnant as a teenager and then getting in some trouble with the law, you were incarcerated for three years. Since then you have been able to change your life and have an impact in your community. What would be your advice to women who have gone to jail and are struggling to re-enter society?

Kim: My advice to other women who have been to jail is there is something for everybody and I would advise them to use their gifts.

What has life been like as a single mother?

Kim: Every single mother would like their kids to be raised by both parents but as a single mother I work extremely hard to provide for my kids. There are no similarities between the way my son and I were raised: he was taken from me and I wasn’t taken away from my parents.

That must have been tough to have your son taken from you and placed into foster care. How did this incident push you to work harder?

Kim: Having my son my taken from me at a young age impacted my life so much! It was like losing someone. Even though in reality he was still alive. It was just extra motivation for me as a mother and business woman to get my stuff together.

Has fashion designing been a source of therapy for you?

Kim: I wouldn’t say fashion design is a therapy for me. I consider it more as my gift to share with the world.

Your life represents an amazing self-transformation. What message do you hope readers gather from your life story?

Kim: I would like the women to gather inspiration courage and to follow their hearts to not be afraid of bigger things and challenge themselves.


To see more of Kim Stylz work, follow her on Twitter or Instagram and visit her online store KimCouture Kollection.

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