Kelly Rowland Is Back and We Love It

Okay, we admit it, Kelly Rowland is and always has been one of our strongest girl crushes. Her new album “Talk a Good Game” only strengthens our swoon.

Miss Kelly has never been a stranger to the stage, but this recent album release has finally put her in the well-deserved limelight, and for good reason. The album is a real look into the diva’s life, from songs about what positions she prefers in bed to the darkest corners of her former marriage. Kelly came to play in the big league of R&B and we are delighted to greet her.

kelly-rowland-kisses-down-lowWe got our hands on Rowland’s new album and we have a few favorite new female anthems, heartbreak-helpers and club bangers that you must download immediately. If you aren’t automatically convinced to purchase the album, we provided you with a few reasons why.

“Dirty Laundry”

This is by far the rawest song on the album. And while it’s gripping lyrics and blunt truth are bold, Kelly presents it all in a way that is—dare we say it, easy to groove to. Kelly takes us into the last decade of her life’s trials and tribulations. The song highlights everything from her struggle with domestic violence to a jealousy for her group mate Beyonce. Real and rough, “Dirty Laundry” is a job well done.

“Talk a Good Game”

Kelly brings back the classic girl power theme song with this one. This song is the exact thoughts running through any female’s mind when she’s over men acting, well, like men. With a smooth R&B feel and an upbeat delivery, Kelly along with the help of Kevin Cossom, “Talk a Good Game” is set to be the perfect companion on a long car ride or in the mirror during your precious primping time.

“Kisses Down Low”

Finally, a classy woman’s approach to what we all want (and need) in bed. Kelly shows the world just how much she likes a kiss in the right place with this phenomenal hit. What could potentially be a scandalous song with too much detail is a perfectly explained confession of what Kelly wants. The real genius behind this song? The fact that we as women have been waiting for a way to say it and now we finally have one.

“You Changed”

The lovely, game-changing ladies of Destiny’s Child reunite to make this single an instant winner to all DC fans worldwide, which is absolutely everyone. Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly harmonize to create a strong-woman story about moving on and loving it. Not only is this jam every girl’s dream come true, it’s almost a sequel to “Survivor” more than a decade later.

You can download all these songs and more from Kelly’s new album on iTunes.

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