Want Better Health? Girl, It’s All About Your Kegels

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It’s time to explore the power of your pelvic floor, ladies!

There are a lot of magazines and guides out there that will talk to you about health, wellness and workouts that us girls should be doing regularly. What most won’t shout about is the fact that – mother or not – you should be strengthening other muscles that you won’t manage to strengthen in the gym. Girl, we’re talking about your pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor is somewhat of a conundrum to most girls, mainly because unless you’ve had children, you won’t be hearing about it! You know that thing when you stop the flow of urine when you’re on the toilet? That’s the power of your pelvic floor doing that. Maintaining a strong pelvic floor isn’t going to happen automatically, either. It’s not all about fantastic orgasms and a strongly supported vagina, it’s about avoiding prolapse and urinary incontinence. Most people see those words and don’t believe that they should bother, considering the fact that those issues are not a problem right now. The thing is, I don’t believe in taking action for just what goes on right now. You have to take care of your body now and for the future you, who will thank you for it later. So, why should you start your kegel exercises as early as possible?


Mom’s will know about this more than most, as they always have a little investment going on disposable incontinence pads and underwear. Mom’s know the pain of going on the trampoline only to have an accident that they didn’t plan. Most of the time, urinary incontinence occurs after childbirth, bit if you’re noticing that you leak a little when you cough or sneeze, you need to start working those pelvic floor muscles a bit better.


If children are in your plan for the future, then kegels are a must now. Giving birth to a baby is a miracle, but that miracle is one that will stretch your pelvic floor and weaken it. The pelvic floor supports the bladder, and when it’s put under pressure that support slackens a little. For a positive recovery postpartum, you’ll want to be doing kegels long before you even plan your family.

Back Pain

Given that the pelvic floor supports the pelvic bones including the lower spine, good exercises can help to relieve and prevent back pain. Kegeling now will alleviate pain later on, especially as lower back pain is something that occurs later for most people.


We all want great sex, sex that is satisfying and to reach that finish. Tightened pelvic muscles can aid this, as a slackened pelvic floor can lessen the sensation that you feel on the inside.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that a stronger pelvic floor will be beneficial to you in a multitude of ways, so it’s time to take some instruction and start them now. Check out this link to understand how you can fit your exercises discreetly in with your day. Sneeze freely, girls, you’re safe!

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