Is It Worth It?

With the recession supposedly over, it’s hard to believe that we still have to dig deep into our pockets to do something fun. But the debate of whether or not being single or in a relationship is more costly is entirely up to you.

Depending on how long you’ve been with your lover, it seems natural to want to pay for everything and surprise them with gifts. Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and other special ways of affection are celebrated with a night out with your hunny. You always think of new ways to make them happy and this comes with a price tag.

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you forget about your friends, right? Now you’re adding in events with friends and separate ones with your significant other. Being taken means thinking of one more person other than yourself and this doubles the bills taken out your wallet. It is best if both people in the relationships have jobs to be able to hold their own, but things happen and you may have to cover for two instead of one.

Often when you’re single, you want to go out clubbing all the time and this entails paying to get inside and paying for drinks by the bar. You have more free time to yourself and friends to do whatever. When you’re a loner, you want to make yourself available to meet a new person so you may purchase a completely new wardrobe to you look good at parties or any event that requires sassy attire.

It seems pricier to be in a committed relationship than to roam your town as a single person. When you’re single, you have one less person to worry about when the bill arrives. Being taken involves random days of affection, anniversaries and gifts which all scream money. Maybe it’s not as expensive for everyone, but all we know is relationships aren’t free. Unless being in a relationship with yourself counts.

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