Is It Possible To Be Truly Happy?

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Being truly happy is something many people strive for, but some people wonder is it possible and will you even know when you are truly happy or is it something you will continue to chase and never be satisfied? There is a bit of a myth that happiness is something we achieve when we finally get everything we were after, and our life looks how we think it should. Whether it’s a relationship, marriage, the dream job, the house, or the weight loss, we believe it’s then, only when we have these things that we will be happy. In this case, happiness becomes this thing that we continue to chase and don’t know how to achieve. Many of us believe that the solution to happiness is that we must keep working harder to control the external factors in our lives to make them “right.” But when we make things happen (lose the weight, get the relationship, get the payraise) in a condition in which we need them to fill us up, validate us, or make us feel whole and complete, these changes won’t be sustainable.

We might even realize these outward things don’t make us happy after all If you think you could be suffering from depression or anxiety and that is contributing to your feeling of unhappiness then you could either visit a medical professional or read up about alternative treatments such as LA Confidential and similar products. So, how do we find happiness, and can we ever be truly happy?

The answer is yes, and you are actually in control of it. Happiness is not something that happens to us by chance, but it is an achievable and learnable skill. However, it does require constant work on your attitude and depends on how you interpret your life situation. Happiness is mostly a matter of choice, and choosing to be happy is probably one of the smartest life choices you can make. Recent studies show that happy people are 35% less likely to die early than unhappy ones! So, what do you need to remember if you want to be truly happy?

First of all, you need to remember never to dwell on the past because no matter what has happened, it is in the past and there is no point wasting time thinking about disappointment, missed opportunities, and unfulfilled expectations. Make sure you don’t let your past influence you; just focus on the present and make it meaningful.  

Appreciating what you have is also very important to happiness and if you look at your life, and instead of focussing on what’s missing, you practice gratitude. Doing this can put situations into a different perspective and rewires your mind in a positive direction.

While you shouldn’t focus on what you don’t have or what has gone, there is never any harm in improving yourself. Remember though that everyone is different and there is no ‘perfect’ ideal that you should be striving for. All you need to do is to become the best version of you. 

With that in mind, remember also never to be too harsh on yourself. You are probably your harshest critic, so you probably need to accept that you’ll never be ‘perfect’ – who is? But that’s okay and once you have accepted that, you will likely feel a lot happier in yourself. 

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