Improve Your Skin with Yoga

By Xavier Lee

Yoga offers a host of benefits, some of which include losing weight, maintaining a strong immune system, cures from severe diseases and adding a special, healthy glow to a person’s skin.You will notice the difference yourself by observing people who practice yoga regularly.

However, one cannot just start performing yoga exercises randomly. It is essential for people to learn the exercises, to note which type of exercise / posture is meant for what and then practice it accordingly. Joining a yoga class and getting guidance from a yoga expert / certified instructor is the ideal way to start with yoga.

Moreover, if you are looking for some specific treatments that can help improve or enhance your skin texture and tone then a few yoga exercises can help in the long run.

Many celebrities also resort to yoga as a skin maintenance technique to maintain or increase their natural glow. Yoga is useful because it’s a completely natural exercise process that increases a person’s overall health.

Additionally, yoga exercises also stimulate blood circulation throughout the body thus making sure that the oxygen flow is healthy and reaches every part of the body. This helps to rejuvenate and refresh one’s senses.

All in all, yoga is known to keep people calm and helps for every ailment known.

If your focus is your skin then refer to the yoga postures below to enhance the tone and texture of your skin:

Balancing on your head

Balancing on your head for a few minutes everyday is a well-known and commonly practiced yoga exercise. The first few times you may find it hard to balance without falling, so what you can do is make use of a wall or other support to balance yourself the first few times. Once you are confident enough, practice the posture a few times in the day, you will notice the difference in a matter of few weeks.

This posture will increase blood flow throughout the body and will even contribute in making you look younger and fresh. A tired body always looks rundown after-all.

Touching the ground, a few inches away from your feet

This posture is again a known posture that helps enhance the quality of a person’s skin and hair. It’s very simple and doesn’t require too much effort or practice. All one has to do is bend down and let your hands touch the ground, a few inches in front of your feet. Maintain this position for about a minute or two and then stand upright again. Repeat the process a few times and breathe in deeply when you bend. This exercise stimulates blood circulation and improves skin texture throughout the body.

The chair pose

The chair pose again helps in promoting healthier blood flow by making the heart beat faster. Furthermore, it makes you sweat thus releasing all the toxins in the body.
It’s simple, although the first few times it can be painful on the upper leg area. All you have to do is balance like as if you are sitting on a chair and maintain the posture for a few minutes, a couple of times in the day.

Half body down on the ground, half on a wall

Another posture that helps improve the skin texture is the half on the ground and half on the wall position. All you need to do is lie down on the ground and support your legs against a wall or any other structure. It’s a relaxing position and calms the nerves too. It gives a glow to a person’s skin.


Other famous poses like the “suryanamaskar” is known for its refreshing quality that leaves a significant after glow to a person’s face. This pose needs special training from a skilled instructor.
Yoga isn’t one of those exercise techniques that you can learn on your own; it requires a lot of practice, patience and years of attention to develop the exercises. Most of us are not naturally flexible and yoga is an activity that increases your body’s flexibility so that you can easily perform the exercises over time.

The reason many people rely on yoga is for its overall health benefits. It is a purely natural system and is completely free of any sort of side effect.

Furthermore, it helps tons to own a few guidebooks on yoga techniques and postures because you are bound to need reference material once you learn the tricks of the trade. There are several kinds available in the market and local bookstores as even on online book stores. Ask a yoga expert to guide you on which ones to buy.


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