Why ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’ Is The Worst Thing You Can Say

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This mantra has been passed around so often lately, it’s disturbing. We seem so focused on being successful, strong, beautiful women, but we keep sacrificing the one thing our body requires most: SLEEP. A plain old, good night’s rest. Hate to break to you girlie, but you’re not invincible. Here are some tips on helping you get a better night’s sleep, and how not to punish yourself for doing so.

Turn the Fear Off

Anxiety over your job, your life, your schooling, your boyfriend, your kids, and so on — it comes with the territory. And I promise you all that stress will still be there in the morning. But the fear that you somehow don’t measure up because you took a moment to recuperate doesn’t have to be. Even Wonder Woman needs a break.The pressure to be perfect at everything and successful in every area, is rampant these days. There’s nothing wrong with striving for these things, but it needs to be tempered with reality. And reality says, if I’m going to do this, if I’m going to take these things on, if I’m going to kick ass at this, I need to prepare myself. Sleep is your preparation. Needing to rest doesn’t mean you don’t measure up, it means you’re gearing up.

You’ll Look Hotter

Let’s face it. You look good in almost anything. But what you don’t look good in, is dark, droopy under eye circles. Or messy, half done hair. Or clothes that look like you grabbed them off the floor that morning. Step your game up, ladies. I know every once in a while you can pull off that “I’m about to drop dead”, messy bun, routine (hey, sometimes it works) but at least 90% of the time you should look as stunning as you truly are. That means sleeping. And sleep means brighter eyes and no dark circles. It means looking younger and less stressed. Clearer complexion and better appetite control. It means having time to do your hair and makeup in the house and not in your car. Beauty sleep is a must. You’re hot stuff, miss. Quit hiding it.

Keep That Tongue Sharp

One of the sexiest things in the world, is a woman with a mouth. A woman with an opinion, a woman with wit, a woman who can make you laugh. I’m not just talking about attracting a guy, either. I’m talking about attracting friends, inspiring people around you, and having a real presence. People flock to that. A sharp tongue is clear indication of a sharp mind. And guess what your mind needs? Say it with me now… Sleep. Not only does sleep help your body rejuvenate and recover physically, but also mentally. It helps you remain active and alert. It also helps keep the stress levels down so you’re not daydreaming about killing everyone in the office. It’s even good for helping making better decisions and keeping you motivated. You know what is especially hot? A woman who has a tongue, and knows when to use it. Don’t get caught off guard and snap at someone because not sleeping led to irritability. We all have our moments, but we should try to keep them as few and as far between as possible. You can always apologize, but people will always remember what you said. So close your eyes and let your brain set up for the next day. The tongue is like a sword. Don’t lose the fight because you left your weapon at home.

You Deserve It

With everything you that do, all the things on your plate, and all the hats you don according to each situation, you absolutely deserve some down time. And you don’t have to defend that right to anyone. Not even to yourself. So make a deal with yourself to make your rest a priority. Take a hot shower. Pull on your favorite tee. Tie your hair up and turn on some Netflix. Snack on some Skinny Pop. Hell, eat a Snickers every once in a while. Then roll over, curl up, and close your eyes. Think about the awesome things you did that day. Playback that hilarious, snarky comment you made to someone who totally deserved it. Debate whether or not that smoking pink top was too flashy for the work setting. Decide that it wasn’t. Laugh at the mistakes you made and promise to do better. Remind yourself that you are in every way incredible, flaws and all. And then pass out. Snore. Drool. Mumble. Shift around uncontrollably. Say goodbye to the world and head over to your happy place. Sleep is gonna help you win the battle and the war.

Sweet dreams, darling.

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