How To Stay Connected With And Expand Your Readership Via Email Blasts


Whether you are a certified BAUCE or are still trying to gain your footing, there is a lot to learn about communicating via email. Composing a great email with a simple yet interesting title is all you need to hook new readers. You can use the first line generator if you want assistance in composing email messages. Sending emails at the perfect intervals will keep your subscribers coming back for more. Next up, learn how to keep your readers, old and new alike, completely hooked on your content.

Say More with Fewer Words

Marketing experts always say that getting a person to open an email is the hard part, and they’re kind of right. Really, getting people to actually open your emails is the first step. The average person is going to scan the email quickly just to get a feel for how long it is. So, with this information in mind, try to keep your email messages fairly short, concise, and straight to the point. Mass emails can be sent in a series or they can be standalone messages. Those who sign up for your email list clearly want to hear what you have to say. Make your messages powerful with fewer, carefully selected words.

Respect the Readers’ Inbox

One of the harder aspects of email marketing is knowing how many emails are appropriate to send within a given period of time. For instance, there are some companies and brands that can literally bombard their customers and get away with it. Now, sometimes this is only true certain times of the year e.g. right before Black Friday. If it feels like you are starting to send too many emails, then you probably are. Respect your readers’ inbox by sending no more than one email a day. In many cases, a weekly mass email campaign can be as effective as sending daily email blasts.

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Be a Person of Your Word

Before sending out an email blast, you should evaluate whether all of the claims and statements made are solid. Remember, when you send out an email, you are really telling a story. And while even the greatest storytellers might be known to make the occasional exaggeration or embellishment, you have to be straight up with your audience. If you make a mistake, then admit it promptly. Your readers will respect you and stay subscribed as long as you are transparent. So, show your personality, offer readers amazing opportunities, and maintain good relations by being a person of your word.

People check their email inboxes more often than their physical mailboxes. Realize that your readers aren’t going to see, open, and engage with every single one of the emails that you send. At the same time, having a higher than average click-through rate is a good indication that you are on the right path. Stick to keeping your readers happy and they will keep engaging with your email blasts. Be careful when you roll out new and large-scale changes, pay attention to all feedback you receive, and never be afraid to admit past mistakes. Your readers will only respect you more for it.

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