How To Up The Sophistication Factor In Your Home

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How sophisticated is your interior design? Don’t worry if you’re concerned about a lack of the upper class here – in truth, no matter what style you’ve dressed your interior in, your home is made to suit you entirely! But if you feel like you’re missing a bit of luxury here and there, this is the article for you. 

After all, you can re-decorate your home for no other reason than your own taste. A good looking home is incredibly good for your mental health. as our surroundings can make us feel more at peace within ourselves, which makes every single sophisticated touch you can add here completely worth your while. 

So, it’s time to think about your living space, and what areas are a little negative for your liking right now – to get you started, we’ve got a few inspirational points below. 

Add Plants to the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a pretty plain landscape; it’s tiled over, both floor and walls, and that can feel quite cold and clinical at times. When you’re not in there cooking up a storm, the kitchen often looks empty, and that’s something you should think about when it comes to adding sophisticated touches to your home. 

After all, the look of the kitchen can be easily upgraded with just a few potted plants sprinkled round. Make sure you get your hands on plants that can survive in the various temperatures you’ll be cooking up in there; something like an Aloe Vera plant, or a Spider Plant, are both great for having nearby. Not only do they love the conditions of the kitchen, but they’re also good for keeping the kitchen clean and fresh! 

Frame Your Windows Properly

Framing the windows is a big part of adding sophistication to your home, simply because the windows are a little peek into your home. Framing them to look good attracts a lot of attention, and it certainly adds layers to your interior. Sure, you don’t want anyone actually peeking through, but when your home looks good from the outside in, everyone will take notice! 

And not only that, but in framing your windows, it’s much easier to keep any weather leaks out. It’s an easy way to insulate your rooms, and it always helps a space to look much more cozy. So take some time to look into beautiful window treatments that take your fancy, and think about which color scheme and textile will generally look best for your interior. 

Backlight Your Shelves

Wherever there are shelves hung up in your home, think about giving them their own spotlight. Not only does this help to make your rooms feel brighter, but with a backlight illuminating your most prized possessions, you can get a look of an art gallery or high end museum within your home! A touch of this kind of inspiration goes a very long way. 

This is also a great addition for the kitchen for other reasons; any shelves you keep ingredients on, whether they’re in jars or you’ve got a herb dish for growing Thyme and Basil, are best suited for a little light of their own. It’ll help you to identify what you need to use in your recipes, but it’ll also help you to keep the shelves clean of dust and greasy grime. 

Mix the Modern and Vintage

With a mix of both the contemporary and items from time gone by, you can create extra dimensions within your home. And no sophisticated home is complete without a Victorian style armchair you inherited from your Grandmother sitting next to a plush leather sofa you bought a couple of months ago. The more you mix and match, the more sophisticated your home will look in general. 

So whatever items you’ve got locked in the loft, be sure to bring them out and see how they suit your surroundings. Maybe you need a few more Fine China plates in your living room bureau? Maybe you could do with an old, frayed rug in the kitchen, that’s beautifully rustic next to handleless white cupboards? This will definitely help your rooms to have a bit more personality as well! 

If your home feels empty, and without any class in the walls at all, think about adding some budget friendly yet sophisticated style touches. Use ideas like those above to get you started, and then just think about the kind of home you’re looking to emulate – there’s all kinds of style out there! 

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