How to Start Your Own Video Production Company

Love film or shooting videos and want to turn it into a living? Consider starting a video production company that will help you marry your passions with your profession. Continue reading to discover key steps that will guarantee your success.

First, you need to imagine what the production studio does and what services are most popular among customers. Without a clear definition of areas in which you can work, all efforts to promote the future of business will not make sense. 

So, the main fields of activity of a video production studio are: 

  • production of promotional videos; 
  • shooting corporate videos (presentation films); 
  • shooting and editing of videos on all the events that are ordered (corporate events, weddings, birthdays, store openings, etc.). 

The last option is on this list is the least profitable and the least prestigious one. There are thousands of one-man production studios that do this type of work. And the competition in this segment is, of course, is quite high but does not necessarily affect the quality of services. Corporate videos are a bit better, especially if you get an order from a wealthy company. 

But still, the greatest profit comes from the production of commercials. No matter in which way you cut a budget of a given product, it will still have to be promoted, and it has long been known that ads are the engines behind products. The Internet provides an opportunity to reach a huge audience and is quite cheap when compared to print media, TV or radio, which makes it the most popular advertising tool. Thus, you can post commercials on websites, social networks or YouTube. 

Based on this, it is recommended that novice players in the production services market should start from this very niche. This will allow you to immediately position yourself in the “right” segment and attract serious customers.

In any case, a creative business requires official registration – not a single solid company will operate according to “gray” schemes, and it’s just not good for a decent company to operate in this way. To start a production studio, you must register a legal entity, as well as become registered with a state tax inspectorate. It is better to entrust tax and accounting to specialized companies providing accounting services. 

The staff of a novice production studio consists of a video operator, photographer, designer, editor, copywriter, and administrator-sales manager. Most of them can be contracted when they are needed, most of them can and will probably work as freelancers anyway. By the way, one of the ways to save some money is to hire students in the last years of college as interns. While they won’t be as skilled as professionals, we are talking about the first stages of business here and every penny counts. 

It is extremely important to have your own website and don’t you even think of going cheap on it – it is with the help of a website that all the subsequent interaction with potential customers will occur. Learn from the best, keep up with and find out all the things you should know about video production. 

It is clear that a start-up production company cannot have a robust portfolio, and this is a big disadvantage that you have compared to your competitors. In such cases, shooting a showreel, a mini-movie about your company can help. As a rule, a showreel is used to demonstrate professionalism, team skills, the reasons why a customer should order your services. A showreel will provide an opportunity to show potential customers what you are capable of. 

The process of searching for customers takes as much time as the actual process of shooting a video. The main thing here is to clearly understand that for you there is only one effective way to get them: through an active search. You can search for customers everywhere – freelance websites, social networks, specialized websites, forums. A small but sensible PR campaign will not only boost your ratings in the search engines, but also form the necessary information field, the image of a production studio, and increase the awareness of the target audience. Remember that without advertising in today’s saturated market, nobody will ever know about your production services. And if you yourself cannot promote yourself, then how are you going to offer it to your customers? 

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