On Her Agenda: How To Shine In Your Interview

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While your resume needs to be strong, a piece of paper won’t sufficiently sell your services to a potential employer. You need to shine in your interview, make them remember you long after you’ve concluded speaking with the employer. You need to have the personality and confidence that makes them remember your name. You have to make your powerful potential radiate through.

Director of Career Services at Miami University, Michael Goldman, spoke with Her Agenda to discuss killer strategies when interviewing with an employer.


It’s granted that you’re going to know the basics about the company, but dig a little deeper. 

“Let them know that you’re already paying attention to things about the company and its current employers,” says Goldman.

Search their website for news, this is where you’ll find information that is important to the company that you can have in the back of your mind as you’re interviewing, especially when the conversation is casual. For example, say something along the lines of, “I saw that one of your Executive Directors won (award name here), that’s a pretty big deal.”

Remember First Impressions Matter

Be the most smiley, cheery, upbeat version of you that you can be. This is the only shot you get give a make-or-break first impression of yourself.

“This is the perfect time to be the most confident person you can be. Be proud of your…

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