7 Fast Ways To Relieve A Migraine When You’re Stressed Out


Migraines are surprisingly common. Here is how to get fast relief.

Migraines are surprisingly common – an estimated 38 million Americans are thought to suffer from them. They can often strike at the worst of times and they can be debilitating, making it impossible to focus on everyday tasks. Here are a few ways in which you can seek fast relief if you feel a migraine coming on.  

Take the right painkillers

Over-the-counter painkillers may be able to help you beat a migraine. Certain painkillers can be mixed to help have more of an impact, but you should be wary of mixing the wrong ones as it could be dangerous. For instance, you should never mix aspirin with ibuprofen (however you can mix ibuprofen with codeine or paracetamol).

Try herbal pain relief

Herbal pain relief can work for some people. Willow bark, ginger, and feverfew are all commonly used herbal ingredients that have been known to relieve migraines. You could even try cannabis-based products such as these treat leaf edibles. Make sure to do your research before mixing herbal pain relief with manufactured painkillers – many are safe to mix, but some may have side effects.

Drink some coffee

Caffeine has long been used to beat headaches and is found in many painkillers. As a result, many people find that a simple cup of coffee can be enough to ward off a migraine. Unfortunately, coffee isn’t always the best solution – coffee can become addictive and withdrawal has been known to be a cause of headaches.

Lie down in a dark room

If you’re at home, lying down in a dark room can often be the best way to deal with a migraine. Too much sensory stimulation could be making your migraine worse – bright light and loud noises are known triggers. If you’re not able to lie down in a dark room, consider escaping somewhere quiet to meditate briefly such as your car or a restroom cubicle.

Let your hair down

Too much pressure on the scalp can also aggravate a migraine. If you’ve got your hair tied back, let it down to help relieve the pressure. Removing hats, headbands or tight glasses frames can also help.

Get a massage

A head massage could help to relieve the pain. This is best performed by a professional massage therapist. If you don’t have the time or money to get a professional massage, there are ways in which you can massage your own head. A simple massage could include slowly and gently rubbing your temples.

Try a cold/hot compress

A cold compress with an ice pack or a frozen bag of vegetables can be enough to beat a migraine. Contrastingly, you can also apply pressure with a hot flannel. Hot baths can also be great for relieving migraines.   

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