It’s Good To Talk: Building Up After Breaking Down

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While building yourself back up may take some time, it’s time that you should give yourself.

Nobody likes an ending. Whether that’s a good movie ending, a book ending, or a relationship ending, it’s not for everyone. The problem is that things in life end whether we want them to or not. We lose jobs, relationships break down and sometimes, we break down. We crumble when we aren’t strong enough to stay upright any longer. Emotional breakdowns are not small, no matter how mild they are, as they signify that your heart is breaking. They suck the life out of you, drain you and make you feel like you have nothing to live for – even when you do!

Trying to build yourself back up again after a breakdown is no easy feat. You have to rebuild yourself on the inside, and you won’t be the same person that you were before. Everything will be just a little bit different. However, it can work for you. Some people find recovering from a breakdown easy, relying on their friends and a lot of ice cream to get them through. Then others require the help of mental health treatment programs to come out of the other side of their breakdown. No matter which way you choose to heal, it’s good to talk. It’s good to take those steps to recovery once more.

While building yourself back up may take some time, it’s time that you should give yourself. You deserve it, and you need to take a moment to realize that this may be a longer process than you expected. So, how can you make building yourself back up again happen?

  • Firstly, you must let yourself break. Don’t fight the overwhelming sorry; holding it in will not help you. Identify it, feel it, and if you must scream. Feel the painful feelings and don’t bottle it up.
  • Write about it. If you have the money, buy a journal and write about your feelings as if you are writing to a person. It’s a therapeutic way to get your emotions onto paper.
  • Take the time to sleep. Sleep is healing, and if you must, nap in the day time. Take as much as you need. A breakdown can leave you feeling exhausted, and you need to build that energy back up again.
  • Call your friends, your family and the people who make you feel loved again, and get out. Distraction is essential, and you need not stay locked up in your grief forever. Don’t say no forever; your people will be waiting for you to come out and will welcome you with open arms.
  • Take a moment to spend time alone with your thoughts. Untangling the situation and working out the root of it is going to help you never to feel this bad ever again.

All of your healing as you come back from a breakdown is going to heal the wound, but not the lasting effects on your life. Those will take a little longer to get through, and you should allow yourself that time, too.

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