How To Make Your Minimalist Bedroom Cozier

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Minimalist bedroom decor gets a bad rep for being cold, bare, and uninviting. The truth is, when done right, minimalist bedrooms can be just as cozy and comforting as a rustic or luxury bedroom.

Feeling comfy within your own bedroom is important, and being strategic with your bedroom decor can ensure you’re achieving the desired effect. Whether it’s making sure you have an irresistibly soft memory foam mattress for a great night’s sleep or ensuring you’re minimizing clutter, here are some of our top tips:

Choosing Bedroom Furniture Built For Comfort

Minimalist bedrooms focus on function over form. Choosing your bedroom decor conscientiously and with comfort in mind is going to help you achieve the space you’re after.

Examples of bedroom furniture made with comfort in mind range from bedding, to additional lounging furniture such as armchairs, bedroom rugs, and throws. Creating a reading nook in your bedroom and adding a cozy armchair can be a great way to make your bedroom feel a little snugger.

Faux-fur blankets can add a touch of comfort and snugness to a bedroom without risking the danger of over-cluttering your space. Finding the best blanket for your bedroom can also ensure you’re finding something that can help in more ways than one.

Cooling blankets available on the market right now are particularly helpful if you’re a hot sleeper, and find yourself tossing and turning because of a stuffy room at night.

Finding The Best Mattress For Cozy Sleep

When it comes to making your minimalist bedroom as cozy as it can be, it only makes sense to start with your bed. Memory foam mattresses are popular for this exact reason – they provide a sense of cozy comfort to your space that makes better sleep irresistible and they come with different mattress sizes for your convenience.

Memory foam mattresses are a great option for minimalist bedrooms because they’re highly functional pieces of bedroom furniture. Memory foam mattresses come with contouring abilities that ensure they’re a versatile pick for a wide range of sleepers.

If you’re convinced you already have the best mattress for a good night’s sleep, you might want to consider investing in sleep accessories that can help further. If you’re not convinced a memory foam mattress can help transform your sleep habits, it’s worth testing them out anyway – the best mattress companies often offer a trial period that allows you to sample a new bed, risk-free.

Cutting Clutter Out For A Calming Space

While minimalist bedrooms are typically clutter-free zones, ensuring they stay this way can help create a calming, zen atmosphere in your space. Finding storage solutions that allow you to do away with an excess amount of clutter in your space,

Ensuring there isn’t any clutter in your bedroom will allow you to zero in on the elements of your bedroom you actually want to personalize. Being more selective with your bedroom decor creates a warm and thoughtful environment, rather than an overly crowded one that doesn’t seem intentional.

From finding a cushy memory foam mattress that’ll have you looking forward to going to sleep each night, to choosing lighting bedroom furniture that has been made with comfort in mind, there are plenty of ways to transform your minimalist bedroom.

Planning out your minimalist bedroom before going ahead and making the changes you desire will help you have an organized approach when it comes to making your space more inviting. Do your research online – finding the best mattress or even bedroom furniture is a personal process, so figuring out what resonates with you will take a little browsing.

While this might take time, you’ll be left with a minimalist bedroom that the queen of tidying up, Marie Kondo, would be proud of.

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