How To Make Your House Both Aesthetic And Functional

Good home design is highly subjective, entirely dependent on those who live in it. If all the basic functions are accomplished, and the look isn’t too particularly terrible, many people think it’s good enough. Some people prefer aesthetics over functionality, not minding the extra effort to get something from tucked cabinets. Of course, the opposite is also true, some people would go for extreme efficiency and function, eschewing aesthetics as they believe it’s not useful.

But should aesthetics and functionality be separate camps that bicker and argue whenever it’s brought up? Or is it something that can be mixed to create a better experience for everyone? 

The truth is, it will all fall on whoever is living in such a house. While aesthetic design choices are important, functional design is just as important. And it’s not impossible to mix the two either, all it takes is a little ingenuity and cleverness. Below are some ways you can make your house both functional and beautiful. 

Use Multi-functional Dividers to Separate a Single Room into Zones

Many houses sport a single large living space where family members can convene for a night of relaxation or as a daily space for use. Often, members of the family would be bumping into each other (sometimes getting into each other’s way) while going about their daily tasks. After all, the living space is open, and even if it’s large and open, there are many convergence zones in it that overlap with other zones.

You can utilize multi-functional dividers to create a sense of separation, creating zones for a specific use. A living room partition with shelving can be used to display your trinkets, while at the same time function as a divider between makeshift study areas for your children. This will not only make your space more functional but also introduces a sense of organization and aesthetics.

Curtain, Drapes, and Blinds to Control Light

How you utilize both natural and artificial light plays a large part in what makes your home ‘aesthetic’. Placing a lamp in a choice spot can add highlights to your room, changing the mood and the atmosphere dramatically. Letting natural light in drastically increases the vibrancy and energy of your space. Make sure to take advantage of this, and also, to control it to your liking.

During certain times of the day, natural light can be too strong- it’s best to have a wide-open window, but have drapes or venetian blinds ready to control it. This allows you to manage the intensity of daylight, something that can be quite difficult if your house is designed to take advantage of it. It can also be utilized on artificial light sources (regardless of whether you can control its intensity), making the strength of an artificial light source gradually weaken at a distance without having to tinker with it. You can visit websites such as to find customized drapes and shades that better suit your needs.

Hanging Shelves for Both Aesthetics and Ease-of-Use

If you go through Instagram a lot, you’ll notice that many interior designers like to use elevated hanging shelves to display centerpieces or beautiful items. There’s a reason why it’s popular: they’re effective and simple. Hanging shelves are relatively simple to install but immediately provides an increase in storage space.

Its open nature also allows you to display your favorite and often-used items. Some people put up their favorite gaming consoles, others go for books, while others use it to display their collection of action figures or memorabilia. A highly functional and personal addition to your home design, hanging shelves can make the difference between a functional but unappealing design to something both functional and aesthetic.

Transforming and Multipurpose Furniture to Maximize Space

Modern homeowners don’t exactly have the luxury of space, as prices per square foot keep increasing. This has resulted in many families (and even childless couples) adjusting to drastic home sizes, ranging from 24 sqm to 48 sqm houses. But this doesn’t mean that you have to cramp everything inside and suffer both functionally and aesthetically.

Using multi-purpose furniture such as a Murphy bed, or a self-containing desk, or even a bed with storage underneath allows you to maximize what little space you have. For smaller-sized houses, making sure that there’s a wide center area available is even more important as this reduces the feeling of being in a cramped area. Furniture is best pushed to the wall, and by only using multi-purpose furniture, you can easily change your living room into a bedroom with just a few pushes and adjustments.

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