How to Make Sure Your First Trade Show Generates Great Leads

Setting up shop at a trade show or exhibition could be the difference in making your business a success. Trade shows are used for smaller businesses to get their foot in the door in the industry they serve, but they’re also great marketing methods that bigger businesses opt for. The problem the smaller businesses have is that they don’t have the capital to stand out from the crowd – or they go a bit wild and invest in inventory for the trade show they can’t quite afford. If you’re looking to get in on a trade show but you’re going to rely heavily on generating new leads, have a look at some of the handy information below that will help you do exactly that.

Invest in a Professional Exhibition Stand

Exhibition stands aren’t cheap, but you can use them over and over again, making it a very cost-effective investment for future shows. The price can vary a lot depending on your requirements, but you certainly don’t need to spend thousands on getting a small stand that’s perfect for your small business. What’s important is the design and how well you attract visitors to your stand. If you can provide something of interest and, more importantly, something that’s different, then you’re going to have a big chance of securing your first leads.

If you lack creativity when it comes to searching for an exhibition stand to suit the needs of your business, you can find some examples of exhibition stands here. Marler Haley can provide everything from pop up stands to hanging displays, and with their in-house design team and pre-built templates, they can help you come up with something that really makes you stand out.

Get to Know Your Audience

The benefit of attending a trade show in the future is that you can do your research beforehand on the sort of demographic that attends. What makes it even easier to research is that almost all trade shows happen in the same place every year or so and they all cater to the same industry as your business. This gives you a chance to do detailed research and get to know your audience before they get to know your business. Even researching the previous weather history could play into your hands so you can provide ice-creams or cups of coffee as one of your freebies.

Research Trade Show Space

This is often overlooked by business owners when they attend a trade show – they forget to research the area and specific space they’ve been given. It would be heart-breaking to purchase an exhibition stand that doesn’t stand out in the corner of the hall you’re displaying at. Many trade shows come with display plans so that you know exactly where you’re setting up and what power outlets are close by for you to light up your stand.

Rehearse and Rehearse Again

There’s nothing better than rehearsing your strategy to ensure you’re confident when dealing with visitors for the first time. Set up your stand at home or somewhere with a bit of space and take along any employees you’ll have with you at the trade show. It’s sometimes a little hard to rehearse without actually being there, but handing out certain responsibilities and practicing may well pay off at the trade show. If you don’t rehearse, the whole day(s) could be a huge disaster, and that could have long term effects.

When you invest more in inventory, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to generate new leads for your business. The above information outlines some of the more important things you’ll need to ensure you’re able to compete with some of the competition. As long as you have enough capital available for a half-decent stand and your marketing tactics are spot on, you’ll have the best chance of being a success at your first trade show.

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