How to look after your fillings

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Inspirational, self-made women know how to work hard and get what they want. What’s more, the modern self-made woman also focuses on cultivating a lifestyle that is overflowing with confidence. A big part of cultivating a happy and healthy lifestyle is knowing how to look after your fillings.

If you have recently broken a tooth or had your tooth fall out, then you probably got a tooth filling. A dental filling literally feels in cracks or breaks in your mouth, but even then you might experience a situation where your dental filling falls out. Now what?

Whenever a tooth is restored your dentist gets rid of any of the decay and fills the area with a filling material that is designed to reconstruct the normal shape and function of your tooth. This tooth filling helps to prevent additional decay and bacteria.

Types of dental fillings

There are different materials used for this process but most dentists will consider the size of the area that needs to be repaired, the location, and the cost. Silver fillings are actually made from lots of different Metals, not just silver. Silver dental fillings are resistant to wear and tear so they’re good for heavy chewing. This is also a cheaper material but it’s more noticeable because it’s darker. It’s been used safely for over 100 years and doesn’t have any health risks.

Gold fillings, sometimes called inlays, are cemented to your tooth after an impression has been taken. This is a strong and durable material that lasts a long time but it’s also the most expensive so you don’t see it as often.

Other options include porcelain fillings and composite resins. Porcelain fillings are made in a lab much the same as gold fillings and they are designed to match the color of your teeth. Porcelain is more resistant to stains but they are expensive. Composite resins can also be matched to your tooth color which is why they’re preferable for the front teeth but they can stain easily with tobacco or certain foods and they don’t last as long.

Good dentist will keep apprised of the newest technologies and materials used for dental fillings, especially things that are needed on a temporary basis. Knowing how to look after fillings will allow you to provide actionable information to your patients after you have purchased supplies like irm temporary filling from a wholesale supplier. Having each of these materials on hand from your supplier will make it easier for you to not only present the different options to your patients but to allow them the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of materials based on their personal preferences and needs.

When to replace a filling

You might have a situation where you need to replace your filling especially if there was a crack or break. Usually if it feels rough to the touch or you have a lot of sensitivity and pain in those particular teeth, it’s time to get a replacement.

Looking after your fillings

In order to look after your dental fillings and help them last longer, you want to care for them in much the same way as you care for your regular teeth. This includes brushing thoroughly, twice per day with a soft bristle toothbrush, using the right angle. But brushing is not enough. You also have to floss daily so that you can get to the areas of your teeth your toothbrushes can’t reach. Using good fluoride toothpaste will help extend the lifespan of your dental filling.

Aside from these Basics it’s also important to invest in healthier diets, avoiding sugary drinks or sticky substances as well as teeth staining acidic drinks such as coffee or tea. If you simply can’t avoid the afternoon tea, drink water after your tea to immediately flush away any residue that’s left. Similarly, it’s good to avoid overly acidic juices or sodas, maybe consuming your fruits and vegetables in their raw form instead of a juice form.

One of the biggest reasons people damage their fillings later is because of biting down too hard on very hard food or chewing ice. By avoiding either of these you can extend the lifespan of your dental fillings.

Finally, always make sure that you see your dentist at the very least on an annual basis for your checkups and your cleanings, maybe even more often if your dentist recommends it. Being in good communication with your dentist will help you to know when it’s time to get a cleaning or a checkup for your dental filling.

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