How To Get More Real Estate Leads As A Realtor

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Being a successful realtor means that you’ve always got to have a flowing pipeline of leads. Without good leads, your real estate career can’t last long, can it? We guess that you already know this, which is why you’re looking to get more leads in the real estate market.

With everything happening in the world today due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important that you ensure a steady supply of leads. It’s not just the COVID-19 issue that’s sure to cause a lull in the market, but market fluctuation, in general, is something that you need to be prepared for.

How do you prepare for the unexpected in the real estate market? Get your lead-gathering strategies on point! Below are some effective ways that you can get leads in real estate.

Build Networks and Partnerships

Networking is, undoubtedly, your best option in terms of generating new leads. A good network means that you know more people. These people know other people, and so on. Building networks also means building trust. Without trust, there’s little chance that you’d be recommended by those in your network. Remember, trust goes both ways. As a realtor, you wouldn’t want to risk your business, hopes, and effort in building a network with people who could get you in some sort of mess, for example. That’s why network and partnership building comes with research on your part. Research the local businesses or individuals that show a potential partnership by looking them up on Google, or find out more from publicly-accessible records which you can find on Nuwber.

How Do Partnerships Help You As a Realtor?

It’s all about understanding the nature of a mutually-beneficial relationship. Forming local alliances with cleaning companies, insurance companies, personal bankers, and landscapers, for example, can offer you leads to those who are potentially in the market to buy a new home.

Frequent Your Favorite Restaurant

Becoming a regular at your favorite local restaurant or coffee shop can do wonders for your reputation and, in turn, your career. Ensuring that you rendezvous with your clients at the same restaurant helps you to become more visible in your targeted community. You’ll be seen often, by the wait staff and other regulars, meaning that your name (and face) will pop up anytime they hear that someone is in the market to buy.

Build a Website for Your Realtor Business

Maybe you work for a real estate agency, or brokerage, meaning that you already have, or will have, a page on their website. Still, this isn’t enough. Remember, being a realtor means that you and your unique personality and charm forms the core of your own brand. Leverage this personal power and give your brand a digital presence.

If you’re on your own, having your own website is even more important. If you’re working for a brokerage, it ensures that you, as a brand, will continue to have your own, consistent, realtor presence online even if you switch brokerages.

Having your own website comes with responsibilities to keep it going strong and staying relevant. Ensure that your website is optimized, post blogs regularly, and capture email addresses. Your own website lets you show off your reviews from satisfied clients and showcase your specialties. If you’re in need of a new website, check out our list of great web designers you can hire!

Refine Your Niche

Working in the real estate market is a broad field, as a whole. What you need to do as a realtor is find your specialty, or specialties, and build on that, becoming a specialist realtor in that niche (or category). Refining your niche gives you the opportunity to become an expert in those types of homes and properties, developing a reputation as someone that buyers and sellers will want to approach. It also lets you more target your market demographic more precisely. So, if you’re already selling mid-century modern homes, or focusing on first-time homebuyers, or even distressed properties, work on that and market yourself as an expert in that field.

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This one might go without saying. Still, it’s a vital part of creating leads and getting your name out there. Paid advertising is a worthwhile investment – you just need to do it right by targeting your demographics properly (the tip above is a great help). By having your own website, you’ll be able to bring traffic to your online presence through Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook adverts. Or, you could go the more traditional route and post billboards so that everyone sees your name in lights.

Host Educational Events

When people are looking for their first home, many aren’t all that sure what to look for or how to understand the market, even though they may have a rough idea of what they want. Your community is a powerful source of leads, so host an educational event to teach people in your area about what the current state of the market is like, what to look for when renting or buying their first home. This will help you boost your personal brand as someone who’s both helpful and understands the market. It will almost certainly give you leads, too.

Get started by co-hosting an event with a mortgage lender or partner with local businesses to organize a home-buying seminar.

Get in Touch With Expired Listings

There are many people out there who haven’t been able to sell their homes. They’re probably frustrated with their current realtor for not being able to get the job done for them. They are probably discouraged, too.

You can be their beacon of hope by reaching out to them about their concerns and why they think that they haven’t been able to sell their home yet. Use your expertise and know-how to explain how you would be able to use different strategies to sell their home fast and ease their worries.

Begin with People You Know

We’re quite sure that you already know people who like you. This might be part of why you got into the business in the first place. Reach out to them and help them to sell their home. This enables you to put yourself in the position as an expert professional who can get the job done. Your friends, family, and acquaintances might trust you, but it could also take some time for them to trust you as a real estate professional. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be forceful – no one wants to jeopardize already-existing relationships.

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