How To Deal With Crippling Low Self Esteem

In this society, women go through many things daily that can affect their personal lives and put a damper on their attitude, mind, body, and soul. The biggest one being their self-esteem. In today’s society, women are constantly forced to look a certain way. The media portrays women as other things rather than them being actual human beings with feelings and emotions. A woman’s self-esteem can be affected by anything, and nowadays, it is upsetting to see.

Women should be comfortable no matter what they do, what they look like, what they’re interested in etc. Women should be able to do whatever they wanted to do regardless of what anyone thinks or says, but sometimes our self-esteem can get in the way of those actions that we want to pursue.

Dealing with low self-esteem isn’t easy and can be hard on some, but taking that first step in dealing with it and overcoming it is a substantial first step in itself to help foreshadow an optimistic future. Here are six ways on how you can overcome and beat those low self-esteem thoughts and actions.

Know that you’re different, and stop comparing yourself to others

When we as human beings were put onto this earth, we were not meant to be made to look the same. We were created differently for a reason. Know that you aren’t going to look like someone else or that you’re not going to have those same qualities and traits as someone else. Don’t compare yourself to others because that is not going to get you anywhere. Of course, you’re not going to look like that Instagram model or those women in the magazines, and that is perfectly fine. God made you how you are for you to discover yourself, your beauty, and for you to take whichever path you desire with the beautiful body that he only gave YOU.

Cancel out self-criticism and introduce self-love

Stop self-critiquing yourself! When you do this, where is this leading you? How is this benefiting you? It’s not. It’s only making you feel worse about yourself, and you’re not doing anything but making it harder on yourself. Give yourself some self-love. If this includes saying I love you and this body every day, then do just that. Cut yourself some slack because being this hard and criticizing yourself every day is not doing anything but putting more harm on you and your mental health.

Avoid negative talk and set positive affirmations

Take out the negative and insert the positive. Create or look up positive affirmations that you can have every day. Whether it’s quotes, affirmations, sayings, it can be anything; if it motivates you and positively impacts your self-confidence, put it somewhere that you will see it every day. Treat it as a mantra when you wake up, taking a break, or going to repeat it out loud to yourself.

Find a safe space for yourself

You can find or create a safe space for yourself where you can create, feel, yell, scream, do whatever. If this safe space for you is mediation, working out, cooking, cleaning, journaling, and playing guitar, creates this space for yourself. Make a space where YOU feel you’re the most confident. This space is for you and only you, so make it yours. This space is your space where you can create goals, make plans to better you and your self-esteem.

Empower yourself by taking control of your self-confidence

Ladies, take control and empower yourself. Remember that you’re the one in control of anything and everything regarding you, your body, mind, soul, decisions, anything, so take it and run with it. Remember this is your body, mind, so empower your mind and body by taking control of your self-esteem. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, or don’t let an Instagram post or your negative thoughts tell you otherwise. Push those negative thoughts and demons aside and know your worth and that you are capable of doing anything, creating anything, conquering anything as long as you stay positive and put your mind to it.

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