How to Cut Costs on Recreational Activities in Your Budget

No matter what elders say, life is incomplete without activities and fun. Being active and having fun can also be good for your health,  but at the expense of your wallet. People in the prime of their life usually don’t think about their future and spend more than half of their paychecks on fun activities. But that money can never be recovered.

An intelligent woman in her 20s and 30s should be investing in more profitable places than having fun. It is vital for us girls to build our forts and become strong and independent on our own as soon as possible to really enjoy life. Here are some handy tips that’ll give your credit card a relief and your pocket some more hard cash.


To most folks and students out there, volunteering is a fun activity and also offers constructive satisfaction. Public places and events are always in need of volunteers. Doing volunteer work for a change may help you get a good workout and give back to the community. You can do a little good to the underprivileged groups and enjoy organizing in festivals and events for free. Who knows these gigs might even help you attain a better job opportunity.

Get Discount on Food

Asking for discounts may not be your way, but it can be the best way to save good cash. If you’re a student, you won’t have much problem with this as many restaurants and bars have student discounts. Otherwise, you can ask for discounts or offers. On special occasions some restaurants may throw in extra on the house. Or limit going to restaurants when there are special discounts available, by subscribing to useful sites. 

Catch Happy Hours

Weekends call for some drinking and dancing with friends, which is the best remedy to rid stress and exhaustion from work. However, the future is uncertain, and saving is necessary. You can still party at bars that offer happy hours where you get discounts on drinks as well as food sometimes. Not just this, but bars let you have fun for cheap on special days and offers like ‘ladies night’ and other themes.

Cancel Cable

It’s not a bad idea to catch your shows on a few click of the TV remote buttons and sit in front of the television all weekend. You may not realize how much cable costs can be biting off of your pay. Cable bills tend to be high priced and keep rising when streaming sites let you watch unlimited series and movies for a small or no price. The upside is that you won’t get comfortable on your sofa for too long with the constant running TV.

Pick Cheaper Smokes

Smoking isn’t a good habit and can have some daunting effects on health. If you’re a regular smoker getting cartons of cigarettes to go by each day cannot look good on your bills. So smoking can deprive you of both health and money. A cheaper and healthier solution to cigarettes is buying good quality vapes from reliable providers. They are not only safer but can aid in quitting the habit gradually. Vapes are at least 90% cheaper than cigarettes.

Find Free Shows and Concerts

Nobody ever said that music is for the privileged. And so you can find free live music and concerts to enjoy with your friends anytime you want. Get on a local website and find out tourist events. You can always land on a free gig or two for free. And if you’re a sports fan, you can go to amateur games which are a lot cheaper than the big ones with the same players competing.

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