How To Choose The Best Aftershave For Your Man

Choosing the best aftershave for men can be tricky sometimes.

Choosing the best aftershave for men can be tricky sometimes. Especially when you look at it from a woman’s perspective. In general, men don’t pay attention to specific details when choosing their grooming products. Thus, most of them don’t even realize that they are using aftershave that is not ideal for them.

When you are choosing aftershave for men, it is always good to consider certain factors. This is not only to ensure that they will smell good and protect themselves from cuts, but a good aftershave also protects their skin and face. Below you will find a detailed outline on how to choose the best aftershave for men. So when you are searching next time, you are sure to find the ideal choice.

Categories of Aftershave

Aftershave can be categories into two distinct types i.e. splashes or balms. Splashes are liquid types of aftershave and group into subtypes. These subtypes include toners and hydrosols. Splashes normally contain alcohol, thus making them excellent antiseptics. They work best with oily or combination skin because they tend to stripe off moisture from the facial skin.

Balms on the other end are heavier on the skin. They are normally alcohol-free and provide great irritation beliefs. And if he has dry skin, then balms are the ideal choice.


As mentioned above, splashes come in a combination or variation of toners, hydrosols, and moisturizers.


Toners are used to effectively tone the skin and cover pores. In case your man cuts himself shaving, toners are great to relieve irritation and eventually help to heal the cuts. Especially at high concentrations, toners are recommended for use with oily skin.

This is because they tend to dry the skin whilst balancing the pH. To enhance their effectiveness, the common ingredients of toners include alcohol, yarrow, acacia, and oatmeal. At higher concentrations, they even contain silver nitrate, zinc oxide, and potassium permanganate.


Hydrosols are made from distilling aromatic plants. They are sometimes referred to as floral water. They are produced with essential oils but during the distillation process, the oils float to the top and are skimmed off leaving behind the floral water.

On the skin, they act as great antiseptics because their acidity tends to prevent bacterial growth. They are also great tools to balance facial skin pH back to normal.  The actual scents depend on his liking. He can choose from lavender to rose and many other scent types.


Moisturizers are specifically made to improve facial skin. When applied to the skin, they make it pliable thus retaining water content and leaving it moisturized at all times. Moisturizers are designed to block and reduce evaporation thus, retaining the moisture and water content on the skin. They will also make his skin extremely soft and baby like to touch.

Other additional products such as glycerol, sorbitol or lactic acid may be added to his aftershave. These ingredients help to enhance skin penetration thus, minimizing the risk of dehydration to the skin.

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Skin Types

It is also very important to choose aftershave that goes with your man’s skin type. He should use dehydrating aftershave if he has dry skin.

Normal Skin

For normal skin types, the options are endless. Typically, normal skin is evenly textured, smooth and healthy. Thus, any mild aftershave as splash or balm will do.

Sensitive Skin

If your man has sensitive skin, then it is always best to critically examine the aftershave before you use it. Sensitive skin stings, itches, and breaks easily. It can also get rashes in the blink of an eye. Thus, he should always go for aftershave that is made for sensitive skin.

Dry skin

A moisturizing aftershave application should be part of your man’s ritual if he has dry skin. This helps to retain moisture on the skin at all times. He should categorically avoid any aftershave that contains alcohol because it will dehydrate the skin further. A balm type aftershave that is alcohol-free is the best choice.

Oily Skin

If his forehead, nose, and chin get excessively oily, then he most likely has oily skin. Oily skin is also prone to blackheads and pimples because of the fatty deposits. Thus, an aftershave splash with toner is the way to go for this skin. An oil-free moisturizer also balances the skin.

Combination Skin

You will know that he has combination skin if his forehead, nose, and chin are oily but the cheeks are dry. Similar to oily skin, combination skin is also at risk of blackheads, around the nose, and pimples. The best aftershave is one that is designed for combination skin.

And if you can’t find it, then you will have to spend extra, so make sure your man uses each product to its corresponding facial area. Moisturizers on the cheeks and oil-free products around the T-zone, i.e. forehead, nose and chin.

In Specific Occasions

Additionally, you can also choose to purchase aftershave options that accommodate specific circumstances.


If your man is clumsy and tends to cut himself a lot of times, go for aftershave that has great antiseptic, antibacterial and healing qualities. A good quality alcohol-based aftershave is a great choice. He may also find herbal balms, made with naturally healing ingredients if his skin is dry and sensitive.

Razor burn

Some people experience burning sensations after shaving. Added ingredients such as aloe vera and eucalyptus to aftershave provide that cooling effect and calm the skin.

Bumps And Ingrown Hair

Added exfoliating ingredients such as salicylic acid help to address bumps and ingrown hair. These bumps and hair growth are normally caused by dead skin trapped in pores. Thus, the added exfoliating ingredients help to tackle and remove the dead skin. So do antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients in your man’s aftershave as well.

As much as industrial ingredients such as alcohol help to protect the skin and enhance the functions of the aftershave, it’s important to regulate their content. Too much of these ingredients can have negative long term effects on his skin.

Instead, focus on natural and safer ingredients that offer herbal benefits to your man’s skin. Some herbal ingredients are even naturally moisturizing, antibacterial and healing. These ingredients include jojoba oil, chamomile, rose oil, calendula and many more.

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