How These 5 DIY Moms Turned Their Hobbies Into Careers

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From two beauty mavens, to an innovative event planner, a literary goddess and an interior design visionary, these five moms are proof that if entrepreneurship is born out of necessity, it can go hand in hand with an abundant family life.

Side Hustle Turned Main Flow

Jummie Ogunyemi initially started Glammed Naturally Oil in 2016 while working full time in corporate America.

Using trusted, nourishing ingredients like Biotin, Mango, Shea Butter and more, Ogunyemi’s products return moisture to dry hair, encourage growth, and even prevent fallout.

“I suffered postpartum alopecia and re-created the hair growth oil to work for me and regrow my hair,” she clarifies. The Hair Growth Oil works by tightening and strengthening hair from the inside. This wonder product also encourages growth (and relieves stress!) by increasing the circulation of blood flow to the scalp.

In 2018, Glammed Naturally expanded to include oil for kids and hair and body butters after her daughter developed eczema. Family doesn’t just inspire product ideas for Ogunyemi, they have been the driving force behind her success.

“I honestly wouldn’t have been able to do it by myself without them. So I am truly blessed to have my family support and encourage my vision.”

Family First

Danika Berry’s company, Glam Body, is her best friend. She found her best friend through family though, when Glam Body was born out of her struggle to find a solution for her kids’ eczema issues. The exfoliating and moisturizing nature of coffee scrubs seemed like a good solution, but she’d used several coffee scrubs before and never liked them. So she created her own

The natural, indulgent line of coffee body scrubs comes in a range of refreshing scents and includes ingredients that include treats like Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin C.
Delivering products devoid of sulfates, parabens and fillers that fight cellulite, eczema, hyper-pigmentation and psoriasis (among other skin concerns) is Glam Body’s mission.

Glam Body has become the ideal family friend over time – these days, Berry’s family is a primary part of the operation, lending a hand everywhere from brainstorming new product to production and fulfillment.

“They have all been a great blessing to me,” she muses.

Chasing the Dream

Jean Noisette, founder of Dazzle Me Parties, dreamed of a way to combine motherhood and family life with her vision of being a business woman. Family, however, always came first for Noisette. Her solution was to create a venture that could allow her to spend time with her family while growing a business and empowering her community.

In addition to hosting mani-pedi and cupcake parties, Dazzle Me Parties also advocates for philanthropy and events include empowerment activities and messages from inspiring panelists.

She attributes motherhood for giving her entrepreneurial skills like “working under pressure, delegating various tasks, staying hip and current with the latest happenings, and most importantly setting the best possible example for your children at home and employees in the workplace.” (via Huffington Post)

A Vision of Visibility

Many people of color remember growing up loving reading, but a lack of culturally relatable characters. Tamara McNeil, founder of the Just Like Me Children’s Subscription Box, was no different.

According to a study done by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center at the University of Wisconsin, of 3,400 children’s books published in 2016, only 286 were about black people.

Just Like Me has its roots in family but it’s positive effects touch the entire community.

“I identified a void that needed to be filled. Black children need to read stories with characters that reflect them.”

Big Love

Shavonda Gardner of SG Style Blog doesn’t believe in living small – even if your living space is.

In 2014, Gardner and her family traded traditional living for bungalow life, following the belief that less space is a blessing.

“Every day is a lesson in adjustment, living intentionally, and being happy with less space,” she explains. Plot twist: Gardner is no shrinking violet. The interior designer, blogger and mom is “a self-proclaimed maximalist” who seeks to inspire people from all walks of life to exist vividly and make their spaces their own.

“Bottom line: Life is too short to live in a home that doesn’t make your heart smile. If yours doesn’t do this you need to let it go and start over.”

Gardner started blogging in 2012, setting out to live by example, highlighting the unique facets of her own life and family and encouraging others to do the same, making her mission “supporting creatives of color, independent artists and makers.”

Family and business don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In each of their chosen fields, these women prove on a daily basis that having strong family ties only helps the glow up.

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