How Solving Rubik’s Cube Can Enhance Your Thinking

How rubric can enhance your thinking

Rubik’s Cube had been around for decades. It is a game or a hobby that never loses its appeal. Some who do not have any clues of how it is being done are intrigued by how this small Cube could actually glue the focus and attention of a person. But to those who are really into the Rubik’s Cube, either as a game or as a hobby, would not put down the Cube until and unless it is being solved. It is a game that poses a challenge to an individual’s mind. 

It is a game that stimulates the brain to think analytically as to the patterns, algorithms, and a test of memory for the different color schemes. Based on the studies conducted, there could be some enhancement on one’s thinking that may be linked to playing or solving the Rubik’s Cube.  Let us take a peep as to the list of those possible effects that solving Rubik’s can enhance one’s thinking.

Improve your memory

Are you intrigued by the idea of how this little Cube may actually improve one’s memory? This small Cube with different square colors in it may seem to be just a game for the fingers. Still, if you take it seriously, you will find out that this is not just a game of tossing the different squares or flip it upside down, but this is a game that involves a precise method on how to actually solve it.

The different methods, such as the beginner’s method or the Fridrich Method, would make your mind focus on the color scheme or patterns that will eventually stimulate and improve your memory by remembering the patterns. Stretching your brain in memorizing the color scheme and patterns can be a form of mental exercise that will enhance your memory.

Cube solving improves your patience

Even how intellectually advanced the person is, but he cannot solve a Rubik’s Cube in a snap of a finger. Solving the Rubik’s Cube requires patience, for it takes several times before it can actually be solved. Kids and even mature individuals who have been exposed to and into this game had exhibited one common characteristic, and that is “patience.” Patience is a must in this game, for without it, you will not be able to solve the Rubik’s Cube finally.

Improving your problem-solving skills

Amusingly this toy may actually have lifelong benefits. It will make you face life with a logical analysis of the patterns of events in your life that may help you solve your problems and concerns in a rational and logical way.

Life is not a bed of roses, and that is a reality, for it involves different humps along the way. The decision on how to tackle those “humps” in your life requires great problem-solving skills. All of us have our issues and problems, but the difference lies in how we handle them. The analytical skills that have been developed through playing and solving Rubik’s Cube will also let you analyze the patterns of the causes of the problems and eventually find the appropriate resolution to put an end to it.

Mapping out your steps

If you are going to look at this game, you will be able to realize that in order for an individual to solve the Rubik’s Cube, he or she must be in the vantage point of thinking, which means that the gamer must be able to think in advance of what are those possible variations, rotations in order to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

Once the brain is constantly exposed and bombarded by solving and to visually map his course of action would actually form into a habit of mental mapping. The course of action will not be the result of an impulsive response to a situation, but it will involve a careful plan of action that may be the result of an effective mental mapping.

Keep your mind active

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or on the level of a speedcuber, but one thing is for sure that playing and solving the Rubik’s Cube will make your brain preoccupied. You cannot solve the Rubik’s Cube if you do not have the total focus and conduct some analysis. These actions involve a mental exercise that will make your brain active.

Improves your speed

Once hooked into this game, you will find yourself to be in thirst to have it solved in a fewer time gain. You will resort to developing skills in order to massively cut down the timeframe in solving the Rubik’s Cube. This behavior will eventually be developed into your system that will make you have a zest for speed to think analytically. 

Improve your fingers dexterity and agility

It may be obvious that you need your fingers to play and solve the Rubik’s Cube. It cannot be done by other means. The constant use of your finger will enhance the agility and dexterity of your fingers. You may reap benefits from it, for you can make use of it in encoding and other skills that require the dexterity of your fingers.

It is an awesome way to start a conversation

Like with any other game, it will be a sure-fire to ignite a conversation. People who have the same interest as yours or those people who may have been aroused by the Rubik’s Cube may actually engage in a conversation about the Rubik’s Cube. The conversation may revolve around the different methods being adapted in solving it. 


Rubik’s Cube is not just a simple cube of color patterns, for it is something that stimulates the brain. Being hooked on this game will lead to lifelong beneficial effects. Unconsciously you are developing your analytical, mathematical skills. It will also give you the ability to have a mental map and to be in the vantage point of thinking in order for you to plan your steps. These skills are not just for a game but for your lifelong journey.

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