Here’s How To Time Your Holiday Celebrations This Year

As the last months of the year fast approach, it’s officially time to start thinking about the holiday season. While this time of year is typically filled with plenty of happiness and cheer to go around, it can also be filled with stress if you don’t properly time out your celebrations. Here are some tips to keep your holidays on track and relaxing.

To-Do Lists

Before you start any tasks, you should consider creating a to-do list or choosing another method to track your preparations. For many of us, the holidays aren’t as simple as making one, universal list; after all, there are card lists, gift lists, food lists, party guest lists and more.

To keep your mind organized, start preparing your tasks as soon as possible. If simple lists don’t do the trick for you, consider using a task management program like Trello or Evernote, which are free and provide features that help keep you organized. Just don’t forget to set reminders!

Gift Shopping

No time is too early to start gift shopping for the holidays. If you see a good deal, snag it! As a rule of thumb, Black Friday is great for big-ticket items, while Cyber Monday is great for buying new electronics. Plus, don’t forget to support your local shops on Small Business Saturday for some unique finds. Keep your eyes peeled in the weeks and months leading up to the holidays and track your gifts as you receive them. If you’re purchasing any gifts online, be sure to order by the end of the first week in December to ensure your packages will arrive in time for Christmas.

Holiday Cards

As with buying any gifts, no time is too early to buy holiday cards. Make the week before Thanksgiving your target deadline to place an online order for custom cards. There are online vendors who offer a wide selection of quality holiday cards that you can customize with photos. The cards feature a multitude of holiday messages and Minted’s cards even include free envelopes and festive styled addressing. Once you receive your cards, try to send them by the second week in December so they arrive on time for your loved ones. 


Many families decorate for the holidays the week after Thanksgiving, but depending on how busy your December will be, you may want to begin a bit earlier. To start, decide whether you want to spread out your decorating over a week or two, or if you’d rather dedicate a weekend to fully dressing your home. Either way, start with your lights and garlands before getting into the smaller decorations.

If you celebrate Christmas, it may be fun to end with adorn your tree with all the bells and whistles, with the tree topper serving as your final piece of décor. Recruit friends and family to help out and make it fun instead of a chore! Try to complete your decorating before the third week in December so you have ample time to admire all the décor and bask in the season.

It’s Almost Time to Celebrate

Gifts, cards and decorations are the big items you should time out, but don’t forget to leave time for gift wrapping and food preparation! The holidays should be a time to appreciate what you have in life, but it can be easy to get bogged down in the details. By planning your timeline ahead of the holiday season, you’ll be refreshed and ready to celebrate once the calendar flips to December.

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