Here Are Eye Makeup Looks To Die For

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We have tagged the eyes as “the windows to the soul.” But how much attention are you paying to those windows? 

Depending on a woman’s age and/or lifestyle, the skin around her eyes becomes prone to creases, dark circles, deeper set eyes, and hooded lids. However, when you incorporate certain eye makeup looks, you can achieve a brighter result that doesn’t appear to disguise any flaws. Rather, they bring out your best features. 

Therefore, revisiting your eye makeup look tips proves to be worth the time to see which techniques work and which ones need to be altered a bit. With these tips, you can graduallyswitch your eye makeup routine to accommodate any changesrelated to your environment, your age, and your preferences for daytime or evening looks.

Avoid Skimping on the Moisturizer

The first rule to rejuvenating your skin—especially around the eyes—is to always moisturize. With ageing, the skin becomes dry and leads to a dull and cakey look around the skin of the eyes. Likewise, if you work late hours or if you’re naturally a night owl, you can develop dark circles and “bags” over time. 

On the other hand, you can gain firm-looking eyes withconsistent hydration—both in the morning and after washing your face at night. A good moisturizer is essential for aging or tired skin.

Start your Makeup Routine with Eye Cream

The first step to kicking off the perfect eye routine is to begin with an eye cream. Why is eye cream necessary for your eye makeup looks? The skin around the eyes is more delicate than the skin on the rest of the body and face. This area has very few oil glands to moisten it, thus, giving it a papery look.

An eye cream will provide just the right amount of hydration with a combination of ingredients that won’t dry out your skin. 

Prep and Prime Your Lids

Did you know priming is a crucial step for your eye makeup looks? Primer provides the foundation for a smooth application and long-lasting effect of the eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Eyelids can be temperate and moist, leading to eye makeup smears. By integrating both primer and concealer into your eye makeup looks, you’ll thoroughly prep both the areas above and below the eye as well as ensure your makeup doesn’t settle into any fine lines. For a more naturally blended result, try using a concealer brush.

Turn up the Eyeshadow 

Eyelid wrinkles are not the most eye friendly. Thus, you’ll need the right product for the result you’re looking to achieve. For a natural eye makeup look, opt for a practical eyeshadow colorpalette that compliments your skin tone. For an evening out on the town, try cream shadows in dramatic shades that coordinate with your outfit. 

Re-think your Eyeliner Application 

A precise line of eyeliner improves all eye makeup looks by giving a dramatic definition to your eye’s shape. Furthermore,the right lining technique gives structure to your face. One way to achieve this result is to go for a pencil eyeliner as it takes the edge off the lash line and makes your lashes appear fuller. For evening or a more dramatic look, trying using a liquid liner across your top lid right at the lash line.

Black Mascara and Lash Boost Remix

As time goes on, your lashes might become thinner, shorter, and lighter. Lash boosting serums and falsies have become the rave for eye makeup looks. If you are uncertain about going with these alternatives, then first, try using a black mascara and lash curler. 

Curling your lashes will give you an alert look and coating the lashes with a lavish layer of black mascara will make your eyes pop brightly. Remember to be mindful of the corners of your lashes.

Redefine your brows

Your brows define your face. Unfortunately, many women seem to miss their brow tails. Redefine your brow by stretching it outwards to bolster the look of your entire eye area. Highlight the eyebrow area with a touch of shimmery shadow using a brow brush. Also, you can try a clear eyebrow gel for more definition or one that closely matches your hair color.

By using these tips, you’ll achieve the optimal eye makeup looks that coordinate well with your unique style and personality. Happy brushing and blending!

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