Here Are 4 Night Practices That Are Life Changing

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Humans spend roughly a third of their entire lives asleep. This is a significant amount of time where your body is resting, recharging, and revitalizing for the time awake. However, for some people, it can feel like a waste of precious time, and similarly, there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish their goals and take good care of themselves. This article demonstrates the value of a good night’s sleep, as well as offering some nightly rituals that can take effect in your sleeping hours, which don’t compromise your sense of rest.


Skincare helps many people fight different concerns, anti-aging, dryness, acne, and hyperpigmentation. What many don’t know as they spend lots of money on elaborate regimes is that often your skin works best with the ingredients you place on it at night. This is the time your body is free to do its best work repairing broken or damaged skin and helping it appear brighter and healthier. Often in the daytime, the sun, sweat, or layers of makeup can interfere with active ingredients. Face masks (which often advertise ten minutes to half an hour, can effectively be left on overnight and deliver much better results – however, if your mask is a drying rather than nourishing product, we recommend leaving it on for just the recommended time. 

Oral Health

Many people are grateful for the evening as it gives them the privacy to engage in more embarrassing nightly rituals. This includes braces, as while everyone wants a straight and healthy smile, sometimes the awkwardness of retainers or braces in public can feel like it’s not worth it. 

Brands like ALIGNERCO have a straightening process withclear aligners for night time, which does not sacrifice esteem or confidence. You can order clear aligners and invisible braces in the post. Visit the ALIGNERCO website for more information on their kits.

These are affordable ways to achieve a smile you love during your unconscious hours and it creates an opportunity to use your time sleeping to really invest in yourself.


Continuing with the theme of self-care and improvement, sleep also offers a window that you can use to improve and nourish your hair. Heat styling and chemical products, as well as simply spending time in the sun, can present harsh damaging results to your hair. Towel drying, as well as severe hairstyles, can have a similar effect, but these are all inevitabilities of daytime living. Thankfully, the night timeoffers a window to reverse these, as hair masks can be applied and are most effective when given hours to work. During the day this often isn’t feasible, and hair masks become a luxury rather than a common self-care practice. However, during your sleep when your cells are most active at maintaining and repairing the body, these products are a fantastic idea to improve yourself. If you don’t want messy bedsheets, we recommend applying the mask or treatments and wrapping the hair in an old, soft t-shirt or cap, which you can wash and use again.

Muscle Repair

Sleep has been hailed as one of the most important aspects of muscle recovery – and this can be relevant for either a muscle injury or simply sport and fitness performance. If you don’t get enough sleep, you can feel tired and lethargic on the best of days, but if you don’t get enough sleep whilst attempting to tone up or build muscle mass, who will see a definite lag in your progress. 

As you sleep, your body releases a growth hormone from the pituitary gland, which stimulates muscle growth and repair. Getting enough sleep when you are injured will shorten the window of you being on a reduced exercise capacity. Being unconscious means your brain is less concerned with physical activity and awareness and spends much more time delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. Therefore, applying topical treatments to rashes, aches and other injuries or sore spots can be more effective than applying them in the daytime, especially as clothing and sweat can rub away at the site and make the treatment less effective. As you move less and your brain works more during sleep, this can be a brilliant way to take advantage of your sleep schedule.

We hope this advice gives you some inspiration to elevate your nighttime routines and make the most of your rest. Waking up feeling revitalized and with some real improvements to your body can have a similar effect on your mood and confidence for the day ahead, and thus investing in your sleep translates much further in the long term of your physical and mental wellbeing. Sleeping between seven and nine hours each night is crucial, enhancing muscle, skin, and hair recovery, and offers private time to work on other aspects of yourself such as your teeth.

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