Heal Your Body At Home With These Self-Care Practices

african american woman getting acupuncture on back for self care treatment

With a global pandemic on our hands, it’s totally understandable if you’re feeling a little stressed and anxious right now. There are so many things to worry about from job uncertainty, loved ones, boredom, homeschooling, missing friends and family, and of course, worrying about your health, so it’s important that your find the right treatment to make yourself feel normal.

It is important to be kind to yourself and give yourself time and space. However, sometimes that just isn’t enough, so it’s a good idea to look into other therapies and treatments that you can try instead. It might be difficult to get some of these treatments right now, but you could begin to look into them for when the lockdown is over, and it will be important to get the economy up and running again – so what better way to spend your money than healing yourself? Alternatively, these healing therapies can be done at home and make you feel amazing. 


This treatment is not to be confused with acupuncture. While the two are similar, Acupressure doesn’t involve any needles, and professionals use their hands, elbows, or feet to apply pressure to specific points of your body. The treatment is thought to relieve blockages, so energy can flow freely and restore wellness. While it might be difficult to get to a therapist right now, you can, however, get an acupressure mat that is inspired by ancient healing systems and acts as a modern take on the bed of nails. You can use these at home and practice deep intense massage to release muscle tension. Using an acupressure mat is said to improve the quality of sleep as well as ease headaches and migraines, making you feel better mentally and physically. 


Acupuncture uses needles, and these are used to penetrate the skin to reduce chronic pain and depression. Again while you might not be able to get this treatment right now, the mat mentioned above could be a great alternative to keep you going.


This is one you can do yourself right now. Using essential oils that are concentrated extracts from the roots, leaves, seeds, or blossoms of plants, aromatherapy is great for promoting healing. The oils can be either inhaled or massaged into your skin. Some are used to treat inflammation or infections, and others are used to promote relaxation, and studies have suggested that aromatherapy can reduce pain, depression, and anxiety. These days, oil diffusers now offer all the traditional benefits, while being neat, compact, and easy to maintain. According to Zen Labs CBD Oil supplier, using CBD oil in a diffuser is a fairly new concept, but one that is rapidly increasing in popularity – and for very good reason.


Also known as hydrotherapy, Balneotherapy involves the use of water for therapeutic purposes. It is based on the idea that water benefits the skin and is said to be able to treat a range of conditions from acne to pain, swelling, and anxiety. While you can’t really just hop on a plane to Iceland or Turkey for a traditional balneotherapy session, you can incorporate some of its many benefits into a home spa. Balneotherapy works because by soaking in warm water, you help to increase your body’s blood flow and oxygen levels at the same time as dissolving toxic substances and helping to move them out of the body. Balneotherapy is believed to boost metabolism and to promote liver function and digestion. A home spa is a great solution for those who need Balneotherapy and provides ongoing comfort and pleasure, which you can enjoy every day. 


An energy healing based therapy which is based on the idea that a “life force energy” flows through everyone’s body. What this philosophy means is that sickness and stress are indications of the life force energy being low, while energy, health, and happiness signify a strong life force. The purpose of Reiki is to promote relaxation, speed healing, reduce pain, and generally improve clients’ wellbeing. You can learn Reiki online and start enjoying the benefits of it right now.


The practice of reflexology involves applying pressure to specific areas of the feet, hands, or ears. The idea is that these points correspond to different body organs and systems, so pressing them is believed to positively affect these organs and a person’s overall health. You can use reflexology on yourself, and if you’re not sure how to do it, you can use the extra time in lockdown to learn online. 

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