Hate Your Job? How to Cope With It

Everyone has a career plan and professional aspirations for their respective futures but its not always a promise that your plan will work out. Due to strict and tough competition, endless numbers of job hunters and constant attrition in every industry, it is pretty tough to land that ideal job that you always dreamed of having.

Furthermore, since you need to earn a living somehow, there are times when you will have to settle for less and make do with what you get.
In this case, you may come across a situation wherein you have a job but its not something you like doing and in fact maybe something you thoroughly detest doing.

But fret not because you need to realize that you are not in this alone. There are several people out there who have jobs they hate but have no choice but to do what they get paid to.

So if you are one of those many people, maybe the tips below will help you deal with your much hated job:

Keep looking for something new

It doesn’t matter if you hate your job or not, what’s more important is to not let the feelings of hatred affect you. Keep on the lookout for a new job and stay alert as to what vacancies open up by constantly reading recruitment job sites and job advertisements in the papers. Furthermore, updating your resume on a regular basis can ensure that you are primed and ready for any exciting job opportunities that appear. Just be sure to tailor your resume towards any specific roles that do catch your eye. With this in mind, you can learn more about how to compile a winning resume by taking a look at some of the resources on the ARC Resumes website here:

Find friends at work

Find friends at work with a similar mindset to whom you can talk to about how you hate your job. If you have a sounding board, you will be able to relieve yourself of some of the hatred on a daily basis. Talk to your work friends about how you have always wanted to do something else and how you feel stuck with this existing job that you have.

List the few things that you do like about the workplace

You may hate your job but you will definitely be comfortable with a couple of things about the workplace at least, right?

So, list out what you do like about the office, if at all so that it can act as something that you can read and look forward to everyday.

Find interesting things to do while at your job

If you hate your job so much you can learn to spice up your day at work by adding some interesting elements to it! For instance, if you like reading, get a book to read at work and read it during your lunch break or between intervals while having your cup of coffee.


Even if you have a job you hate, chances are that you will have some free time on hand while at the job. So use this free time to study and develop your skills. Read texts books online or borrow some from a nearby library.

Get entertained

While employed at a job you hate, find some entertaining things to do during a normal work day. Browse some interesting sites like and read up about any subject under the sun. You can learn so much more about anything in particular. Or, watch some famous music videos or movie clips online!

Make grand lunch plans

Make plans for lunch with old friends or best friends. The one hour break will help you feel energised to get back and do what you hate.


When at a job you hate, use the time you get to network because you never know when you’ll bump into someone who can help you bag the job you always dreamt of having in the first place. So talk to people, fellow colleagues, clients, suppliers. Network and make use of the fact that you are employed!

Although these tips help you deal with a job you hate, what you should be doing is thanking your stars that you at least have a job and a regular source of income. What you really wish for will come, all in good time. But till then, if you have a job in these times of economic slowdowns and recessions, what you should be doing is making the most of it!

[Source: CoreBloggers]

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