4 Dope Places You Have To Visit With Your Girl BAUCE Crew

Life isn’t worth living if there isn’t a girl’s getaway in the pipeline.

There are lots of phobias in the world, but the one you and your squad don’t suffer from is hodophobia. According to the dictionary, depending on which one you read, it’s the fear of traveling. Yep, it isn’t the carbon fiber tube which keeps people on the ground but the thought of hitting up a nation.

Crews like yours look at these people with disgust. Sorry, but life isn’t worth living if there isn’t a girl’s getaway in the pipeline. Get away from the office, from the fam and the boys. Intrepid travelers have one obstacle to hurdle – the destination. You’ve been to that many that they aren’t lots left. Still, Bauce Mag’s finest should suffice.

The Gili Islands, Indonesia

Bali has the PR machine which churns out great reviews. And, plenty of people fall for the type — that’s not to say Bali isn’t a paradise. To say it’s the only island in Indonesia worth seeing, however, is a myth. The Gili Islands are the tropics in the ocean which are the jewels in the crown. On Trawangan, you’ll find plenty of places to party and go wild if that’s your thing, while on Meno there’s a chilled out vibe. Gili Air has a mixture of both, which means there is a perfect balance for all of the squad’s needs. These islands are even worth the long trip.

Barcelona, Spain

Catalonia is famous for being different. Unlike the rest of the country, it doesn’t fall in line when the government says jump. The unrest has been difficult to watch as of late, yet there are signs autonomous rule is coming back for good. Anyway, it’s a safe city and definitely the most beautiful in the country. On Las Ramblas, there is an array of restaurants and bars for the ladies to gorge and swill down the food. And, just next door is the Gothic Quarter which is home to stunning architecture. It wouldn’t be a getaway without a beach, and Barceloneta offers the highest-quality sand and tropical water. The guys aren’t bad to look at either.

New York City

Forget about a beach break because the whole crew has been on too many. It’s time to grow up and take in some culture. Well, sure, that’s the plan for the day but the night is going to be full of elegant debauchery. Who would have it any other way? Start by taking in High Line, the railway garden above Chelsea, and move onto 27th Street. There, you’ll find the McKittrick Hotel which hosts Sleep No More. Don’t ask; do! Or, Wicked, the musical, is on at the Gershwin for the summer. After that, it’s back to the hotel and down to Wall Street for cocktails with the rich and wanting-to-be-famous.

Tokyo, Japan

How about something totally out of your comfort zone? Tokyo has it all with a little bit of western culture thrown in for good measure. Sushi-sho is probably the best raw fish you’ll ever taste, and Sukiyabashi Jiro isn’t bad either. Afterward, drop by Disneyland for an entirely new experience of the American classic.

Which spot is your crew’s favorite? Better yet – which spot will your BAUCE crew hit up next?

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