Get Rid of the Leeches in Your Life

Sometimes it seems that the life I’m living isn’t at grand as it may seem. The little things that matter in life – a smile from your friend, a call from your mother, a text from your boo – slowly become non-existent. I look around and wonder – where did time go? What happened to the people that mattered most? Why don’t I hear from them?

Not everyone has the most delightful familial relationships. Sometimes you get in a fight with one of your best friends. And yes, that boy, boo, or whatever-he-is might still be floating around in not-so-sure-I’m-ready-for-a-commitment land. Relationships are important parts of who we are. The growth and development of them are essential to life. In fact, life would be nothing without other people, to be frank.

So what happens when you feel like what is meant to be a two-way street is only getting jay-walked by you in one direction?

It’s time to call ‘em out. Let people know that communication is important to you and is essential to helping you grow. If people aren’t willing to take the extra time or extra step to be committed to being in a relationship with you (whether that be as a friend, lover, family member) then it’s time to ix-nay them from your list. It’s important to give people chances, yes, but it’s more important to  acknowledge the fact that it takes two to tango and that when only one person commits to a relationship it can be self-draining.

Once you begin to rid yourself of the leeches in your life, you will feel so liberated.

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