From Drab to Fab: 3 Ways to Amp Up Your College Wardrobe

College is a time in your life for trying new things, making new friends, and going on a journey towards figuring out what you want in life. Those long, sleepless nights might make you want to slap on some sweats and keep it moving, but if you want to bring out your inner fashionista, you can experiment with different looks. Here are three looks that can transform you from drab to fab:


1. Blazer Fever

Blazers are a simple way to add some flair to an outfit if you need to jazz it up. There’s so many different blazer styles and colors, so you can always add a new one to your wardrobe. Blazers never fail. Also, stripes are popular and there are so many different variations, from thick to skinny stripes. You could never have too many jeans, in this case black. Those Jeffrey Campbell spiked flats add a little pizzazz and a touch of rockstar to complete this look.



2. Neutrals and Oxblood

Oxblood is a really popular color this season, and this sweater is simple, but with the gold studs on the shoulders, it add an extra touch. This is perfect for the college gals that love wearing sweaters and don’t really feel like putting much effort in their look. The cream-colored corduroys will provide warmth and still be stylish, as opposed to wearing sweatpants to class. Combat boots are always nice to have and a cute, durable messenger bag, is great to carry your necessities to class. The gold belt and gold watch add the finishing touches.


3. Faux Fur and a Pop of Color

Last but not least, if you really want to become more edgier with your style, you can always colorblock and add some faux fur. A little faux fur never hurt anybody. These colors mesh really well together and they all compliment each other. The brogues are neutral and can match with a lot. If you don’t mind rocking fur to class, then you should try this look. You’ll be warm and stylish, two for the price of one. Adding some pearls can add to your look without taking away anything from the outfit.

If you want to amp up your college style and try more looks, here you have it. Experimenting with style while you’re young will help you find your personal style, which can continuously evolve. Have fun and don’t be afraid to try different clothing. Trade in those sweats for some skinnies and rock them with confidence!


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