First Day At A New Job: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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You’ve applied to many jobs, submitted your applications, edited and reworked your resume, cover letter, CV’s, etc. practiced your interview techniques. Maybe you had a few rejections here and there, but now is the time to prepare yourself for the big day because you’ve landed yourself your first job.

All the emotions are coming together excited, happy, nervous, scared, but it’s valid to feel all of these things you are beginning a big step into your journey. Before you tackle that big day, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind and go in prepared on your first day.

Here are some tips and advice on preparing yourself for the first big day of your new job in the real world. These tips and advice are also what aided me when I started my new job.

Remember that everyone’s job is different, but remember to go in with a positive outlook and know that this job belongs to you, and be ready and excited to start this next chapter in your journey.

Be ready/prepared for anything

Going into your first day, you’re not sure what’s going to happen. So the best thing to do is prepare yourself for anything and be ready for anything that comes your way. Even though you may have gotten a rundown on what you will be doing that day, things could change, and something may be added to your schedule or switched around, so just be prepared for those things to happen. Remember that every day isn’t going to be the same, so always be prepared for what could happen.

Ask questions

Always ask questions, and don’t be embarrassed or afraid to ask questions. Your boss and other employees are there to help you, not scare you off, and they are usually happy to answer any questions that you may have. Asking questions is helping you with your job, not setting you backward. Don’t be afraid of asking those questions.


Calm down, yes those nerves jitters always get to the best of us, but everything will be okay. It’s normal to be nervous, but make sure your not making yourself sick either. The night before, make sure you’re not doing a whole bunch of last minutes things for work.

Anything you need to do to prepare yourself for your new gig, make sure to do it days or even weeks ahead. Get a good night’s rest beforehand so you can wake up refreshed and relaxed. Before you head to work, relax, speak some positive affirmations, calm yourself down, and know that this job belongs to you.

Be mentally ready

Make sure that you are mentally prepared for your first day. Before the first day or a few days before your first day, give yourself some self-care. Make sure that your mind and body are in a good place before going to work. Try some meditations to relax and put yourself in a good space mentally.

Talk to your coworkers

Take that lunch with a coworker, talk with that coworker, mingle with your coworkers. Don’t turn that lunch down because you never know what it could lead to. Always mingle and get to know your coworkers or boss outside of their professional setting. Of course, you’re at work to work, but those lunchtimes could be an excellent opportunity to learn about those around you, what environment you’re going to be in, and even how the job works. So take those opportunities and get to know your coworkers.

Pay attention to your body language

Always make sure you pay attention to your body language. Relax your shoulders and don’t look so tense. Make sure your body language is assertive and awake when around others or even by yourself. Sit up straight, lean in, and pay attention when someone is speaking to you. Show interest by nodding or giving a helpful response to let them know that you are paying attention and alert.

Listen, Observe and Show interest

Along with your body interest, always make sure that you listen, observe, and show interest. Listen by having gestures or actions or even taking notes and asking questions. Be engaged and have a meaningful and helpful response to let people know you’re listening. Be observant, watch your surroundings, see how others work and operate, and learn from them. Always show interest. It lets people know that you are serious about what you do and want to learn and know more.

Be available to your boss

It may seem obvious, but on your first day of work, you’re probably going to be doing multiple different things but always make sure you have time for anything that your boss has for you or assigns to you. Also, make sure you check up with your boss as well throughout the day. They will usually check up on you throughout the day, so make sure to respond to those emails if they do.

Smile, Be yourself and come with an open mind

Everyone thinks that you have to be a completely different person when you go to work, which isn’t always the case. Just be yourself and be honest and smile.

Don’t come in with some other persona and looking like you don’t want to be there. Remember, first impressions are a big deal, and you want your first impression of yourself to be your real authentic self, not some made-up person. Come with an open mind and don’t knock or judge anyone or anything on a first-come/ see basis.

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