First Black Woman With Political Show on MSNBC

By KaShawn Archer

Last week via Twitter Melissa Perry-Harris announced that she has been green-lighted
for her very own MSNBC show. Perry-Harris who is currently a correspondent for the network, as well as a sit-in host for the popular Rachael Maddow Show, is a Political Science professor at Tulane University in New Orleans Louisiana. Do to her commitment to continue as an educator the show will air on weekends from 10:00am-12:00 noon.

Perry is apart of a growing presence of African-American news anchors on MSNBC and is the second African-American to receive a show in the last year. The first was Reverend Al Sharpton who hosts Political Nation on weekdays. Perry who is known for being very vocal about politics has participated in multiple panels and discussions on local and national levels and the shows content is said to reflect that.

In December of last year MSNBC President Phil Griffin spoke of his respect for Mellisa Perry-Harris as a political analyst. MSNBC is becoming one of the most diverse news channels. MSNBC Vice President Yvette Miley who happens to be African-American also spoke excitedly about the new edition “Melissa Harris Perry has earned this opportunity not just to participate in the political discussion but to lead the conversation about America’s future and our future.”

Hats of to her for making more stride for African-American women. The Mellissa Perry-Harris Show will premiere February 4th make sure to tune in!

Want to see Mrs. Perry-Harris in action? Check her out on the Rachel Maddow Show.


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