Finding the Right One, in a Weird Way

By Sabrina Smith

I remember taking a course last year where my classmate worked on a story about speed dating. She went through the activity herself, and came back to class with fun and exciting news about meeting guys under timely conditions.  And that got me to thinking about the great lengths that people go through to find that perfect person.

Forget about consulting the homegirl, finding the hottie at the bar, walking the mall in an attempt to bump into your future soul mate (and personally I have been on a few blind dates myself). The search for Mr./ Ms. Right can get pretty unique (and interestingly it has everything to do with the body and the psyche).

Just in time for Halloween, this ‘bloody’ method of finding that special someone has proven its effectiveness and popularity. According to research, this option is used extensively within the Japanese community, and it involves people sharing their blood types to find a match.

MyBloodTypeDating is an online service that provides this kind of dating where singles who are ready to mingle join the site and state where they stand in the ABO blood group system. And don’t worry if you don’t know which one you are there is a company that works with the site to provide home tests for people who wish to actively participate in this growing trend. Knowing your blood type will assist in filtering out the people that you need to be talking to.

The Romans enjoyed the privileges of the mythic character known as Cupid, the god of desire, affection and erotic love who shot an arrow and placed a lovers spell on those couples he came in contact with. Unfortunately, he is a figment of the imagination (although his services would have been greatly appreciated). However, there is a site that has a matching system that is attempts to use a rationale approach to that of the diaper-wearing icon.

OkCupid uses personality tests and conducts technical evaluations to determine a fit for the individual. Their testing characteristics can go anywhere from the personality defect and “commonly confused words” to the “lover style test” that is exclusively about sex. Based on the responses, there is a statistical analysis of who you are as a person and the kind of match that you’re looking for (especially if you didn’t have a concrete idea of who that was).

Both of these sites are free of charge, so forget about those hotlines and jacked up references. Try these dating techniques on for size.

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