How to Find Time for Yourself When You’re a Busy Student

You have to find time for you, boo.

Breaks like holidays, weekends and vacations are amazing, and your task is to somehow squeeze all this stuff into your busy schedule. But the truth is that more often than not it’s all about the smaller things that make the real difference! Taking the regular 15 minutes during the busy day for yourself exclusively can be energy boosting and rewarding. But the question is – how can a busy college student do it?

Start Morning Rituals

Usually, mornings are the busiest part of the day. Students tend to run around trying to cope with the breakfast, do some make-up, choose a perfect outfit for the day and to ensure nothing is forgotten. No matter how crazy your day starts off, set aside some time for yourself. Take a bath (if you have that time, of course), read Vogue, check Facebook newsfeed, do a little yoga or a face clean up or just set your intentions for the day. Providing yourself this peace in the morning will set the tone for the whole day!

Accept the Helping Hand

Life is busy now, and it seems like finding 10-15 minutes for “your thing” is an impossible task for many. Don’t try to handle every academic issue! Instead, let someone else share your overload. That’s when professional companies like pop up to assist you. Order custom college papers from the service to ensure you’ll have more time for the morning coffee or massage. Just a quick message like “Could you, please, write my paper for me?” and there’s someone skillful enough to provide you with a chance to relax.

Stop Hating that Commute!

A lot of college students all over the world face a long commute in a crazy traffic or a crowded bus ride in a rush hour. We can do nothing about it – only accept it with resignation. We sit on the train or in a car, unhappy, stressed and bored. From now on, you stop hating this morning route. The point is that it’s the time when you’re not supposed to do anything, which means you can easily enjoy your favorite audiobook, download some new tunes or chat with the pal you haven’t seen for a long while.

If you’re not the kind of person, who can sit still for some time, use your commute to eat your breakfast on the go or sip Starbucks yummies from your favorite travel mug. And voila! Your commute is getting more and more enjoyable.

Evenings Just for You

It’s recommended to save some weeknights for you exclusively. If your friends or family members ask you to do stuff, ensure to tell them you already have certain plans. Feel free to use the time the way you prefer. Reading, working out, watching “Hello, Dolly!” or “The Thorn Birds”, gardening, thinking or simply doing nothing – it’s up to you to decide how to kill time.

Say “No” to Social Media…for a While

Are you constantly on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or downloading the latest apps every time you have time to? Are you Googling everything at once? Are you able to put your iPhone aside for 30 minutes a day, or turn it off for 15 minutes on particular days? Do you think it’s possible to check your emails less? Could you forget there’s a TV or a laptop in your room?

Whatever the solution you choose, exert every effort to find the system that works for you in the best manner possible. Without a proper balance of academic overload and rest, your life will eventually be out of control.


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