Fall Fashion Dont’s

Now that fall is here, we need to reorganize our closets and re-evaluate our fashion choices. I know fashion is supposed to be fun and your own thing, but some things just look really bad.

  1. Jeggings: Jeggings can look really good, but more than half the time they look super unflattering. Also, these are last year’s fall trends. This fall opt for leather leggings.

  2. All neon outfits: Shorter days and longer nights don’t call for outfits that double as neon lights. All neon outfits were the trend for spring. Hold it before you put away every single neon piece of clothing you have. DO add neon accents to your fall outfits to add a pop of color.

  1. UGGs (especially with skirts or shorts): This trend I have been seeing all through campus. I know UGGs are comfortable, but just because something is comfortable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. What kills me the most is when I see UGGs paired with skirts and shorts. I think the outfit itself is counterproductive. It’s like they’re trying to stay warm by wearing UGGs, but then they wear shorts to try to cool off.

  1. Ed Hardy: Ed Hardy clothing is something you should let go of. Not just for the fall season, but in general. The designs of Ed Hardy clothes are just tacky.

  1. Faded jeans: By faded jeans, I mean the faded jeans with random white stripes all over the place that are meant to look cool. First of all, they don’t look cool. Second of all, half the time the random write stripes are placed at places that are unflattering. For example, sometimes these jeans have white stripes that go across the bottom of your butt making your butt look wide and flat.

  1. Over-ripped jeans: A few rips are okay MAYBE, but if there are slashes all over the place, you might want to throw them out. No, over-ripped jeans do not make you look like a punk rock badass.

  1. Flare pants: Please throw out pants that make you want to wear a tie-dye t-shirt and walk around with your fingers made into a piece sign.

  1. Over-layering: Layering can be one of the best trends for fall, but don’t fall into the trap of over-layering. Don’t be that girl that wears a scarf over a vest over a chunky sweater over a flannel over a hoodie.

  2. Northface Sweathirts: Don’t get me wrong, I love Northfaces. They’re warm and comfy and something that I would wear when I am having a lazy day at home. The problem with these are that these are what several people resort to wearing every day, especially on school campuses. Okay so its cold out…you don’t need to look like a bum and wear sweatpants, UGGs AND a Northface.

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