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If you are a makeup expert, we have good news for you. Earning money has never been so easy! With the Fabulive website, you can make money for your skills. The story of Fabulive creator Nikita, who is originally from New Zealand, will make you wonder how someone could make millions in such a short span of time just by sitting in the bedroom and sharing makeup skills via the Internet. If you want to become a Fabulive participant and make a profit by sharing your makeup knowledge and skills, then keep scrolling to find out how this new platform can help you!

What is Fabulive?

Fabulive is a platform which gives professional makeup artists an opportunity to earn money by sharing their makeup skills online. It is the first live streaming platform which is especially meant for makeup artists and allows anyone who is willing to learn makeup tricks to join it. All those who are at the beginner level in the makeup industry and are striving to have a bright career in the makeup field can opt this platform as it is free of cost.

Apart from this, Fabulive also has a makeup store that gives you an opportunity to buy high-quality beauty products and skin care items at a most competitive price. Here you can buy branded and newly launched products which will help in improving your looks without damaging your skin.

How was Fabulive created?

The idea to build a platform which allows people to stream purely makeup videos was first originated by Nikita, one of the creators of Fabulive, in 2018. She got the assistance from other makeup enthusiasts who wanted to help aspiring makeup artists learn new ways of applying makeup professionally. Users started seeing the platform as an online makeup school for MUAs rather than a passive makeup tutorial platform. Since then there has been no turning back, and now you can even order and purchase makeup products from the website. All you need is a smartphone and access to the Internet.

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How can you make money from Fabulive?

You can easily make money with the help of Fabulive and you don’t need to make any investment. All you have to do is go to the website, sign up, and start posting your makeup tips. It’s best suited for people who consider themselves professional makeup artists or who have a lot of rich content to share with customers. With dedication and hard work, you will become popular and receive monetary benefits through the platform.

What are the features that make Fabulive the best option for you?

Whether you are a student who wants to become a reputed and professional makeup artist or an expert who wants to share his or her knowledge with others, you will feel the maximum benefits of Fabulive over time. Here are some of the major attributes of Fabulive:

1. It is meant exclusively for makeup lovers

It is true that there are many other live streaming platforms where you can place your makeup videos, such as Twitch, Livestream, YouTube Live, and others, but all these websites are not meant only for makeup lovers. This means that with Fabulive you do not have to track your target audience and compete with lifestyle bloggers that offer a variety of content. On Fabulive, all the people are associated (and obsessed!) with makeup. These people could be budding makeup artists, people who want to do professional makeup by themselves, etc. They all share the same passion and that is the thirst of learning new skills.

2. It is free

There are many live streaming platforms which are quite popular, but not all of them are free of cost. This is not true about Fabulive, as it is a platform which is free for any person who is a beginner in the makeup industry. You do not have to pay any subscription charge to post your makeup tip videos. You just need to make sure that your makeup ideas are original and that you possess the professional level knowledge to back up your claims.

3. It is easy to use

Fabulive has a great team that ensures no technical issues pop up when you are sharing things with your target audience. The platform is so easy to use that it is really hard to resist. You can share your makeup content and start a conversation with the customers. You may also start an interaction with the budding makeup artists and share products with them.

If you are a person who wants to a have a successful career in the makeup industry and want to earn a lot of money from the freedom of your home, then you should strongly consider joining Fabulive. This platform will help your professional makeup artist career rise to new heights. Scared to put yourself out there? Consider asking your friends to join you in creating cool and fun videos that will have a lasting impact on someone else.

Ready to start making more money? Download Fabulive now for your Android or iPhone. You can also follow the platform on Instagram.

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