Advantages of eLearning Authoring Tools For Small Businesses

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 While the world is dealing with the new social distancing norms enforced by the COVID19 pandemic, every business owner – whether big or small, has come to realize how essential it is now to have an eLearning course for employee development. 

An e-learning course can help your employees stay up-to-date with the new advancements in their field of work and assist them in learning about these new concepts. 

Consequently, it is equally important to have these courses focused more on your specific business needs rather than having a generic course which fails to target the core points. The best way to achieve this is to become the creator of this training material by the use of eLearning authoring tools

An authoring tool is a software application that helps you create high quality digital training content. The advantages of investing in eLearning authoring tools for your business are as follows:

1) Need of the hour:

One of the main reasons for investing in eLearning authoring tools is to keep up with the changing business practices and avoid becoming irrelevant and stagnant. These tools help in designing easy-to-access innovative courses targeted to meet the needs of your business. 

With an authoring tool, you can design relevant courses in various formats which focus on the important aspects addressing the needs of different departments.

2) One Size does not fit all:

What makes eLearning authoring tools highly necessary in today’s enterprising world is the fact that every business’s needs are different, and what works for one may not work for another. 

At the same time, the knowledge imparted through these courses cannot be the same for the varied departments within a business. An employee at the sales front needs a very different training as compared to someone in the business development team. 

An authoring tool allows you to develop these custom courses as per the distinct needs of the various teams within your business.

3) Employee engagement:

Customized courses can help in engaging employee attention by providing interactive elements, thus leading to better learning rate within the organization.  

Adding game-like elements to the course material increases the chances of the employees enjoying the learning process, while breeding healthy competition at the same time. This is also one of the best ways to assure that everyone is at par with the ever-changing business strategies.

4) Utilize company resources effectively to cut costs:

An eLearning authoring tool comes with multiple built-in options that are easy to access, which drastically reduces the time required to build an effective training course. Everything you need is available in one place. All you need to do is just install the tool and start creating! 

It creates standardized format information that can be consumed in comparatively lesser time and at the employee’s leisure, thus leading to higher productivity and better utilization of work time. 

Apart from this, authoring tools come with an additional perk of saving costs by eliminating the need for hiring a separate team for developing the training content. It just requires an expert from each team who can create a detail-oriented and easy to consume material that is unique to the employees within the organization.


The aim is to create business specific and challenging courses that enable employees to learn anytime – irrespective of their location. An eLearning authoring tool effectively does it whilst at the same time negating the need for an expert to always be available for conducting a session. It promotes overall learning throughout the business structure and even accommodates changes suggested by the employees thereby re-enforcing engagement within the whole organization. It’s a win-win for everyone after all.

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