5 Interesting Ways College Students Can Earn More Money Right Now

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If you are a student and need to make money fast, you might consider looking at our top five favorite ways to make some decent cash.

We get it. 

You are bored. We are bored. Everyone is bored. 

The lockdown is boring. You have spent all your student loan, you have *attempted* to do as much exercise as you can, AND you have exerted all options for making your basic dinner as interesting as possible.

And now you are broke. Real broke.

Whether you had a job before the dreaded C-word (we cannot face ourselves to even write it), the unfortunate likelihood is that you are now jobless. 

If you are a student and need to make money fast, you might consider looking at our top 5 favorite ways to make some decent cash. 

1. Dog Walking

This one is easy. Who does not love dogs? 

Most people would love to own a dog. Yet owning one as a student is pretty much impossible and unfair as you are most likely not gonna be able to look after your furry friend. They require a lot of attention.

Instead, why not offer your services as a dog walker? It is easy and fun money that gets you out of the house, plus you get some unconditional love and affection. 

Sounds good, right? Especially during a time when we are all in need of some extra loving. 

As a student, earning some cash as a dog walker is the way to go. Hassle-free, drama-free. 

Instead of looking online, we recommend going solo. You could write an online ad for free on Gumtree or another free website, or simply write down your dog walking services on a post-it and post it through your neighbours’ letterboxes. 


2. Wholesome Fun Dates

Most likely, this would work for those extroverts that love meeting new interesting people. Who would’ve thought that you can earn decent money by just taking a stranger on a sumptuous dinner or even just a coffee date?

The word “stranger” might be an alert button for many of us but this kind of service is actually safe and professionally executed. Turns out, even straight males choose to sign up with a lot of trustworthy male escort agencies like Gentlemen4Hire, and most of them consider it as their main source of income.

Seriously, you can get paid for just taking someone on a date. You will be surprised if you see the number of people who would rather talk to a total stranger about their inner thoughts than to their peers – and would literally pay for it. Because you know, less judgment, more on listening, and unbiased advice. More learnings from different people’s perspectives. This is the perfect way for students to make money, especially if you are out-going and craving for some much-needed attention.

3. Write About What You Know

We know this one gets talked about a lot, but why not seriously consider it? We are talking about making money online by writing about what you love. 

Bloggers are making the big bucks, and you can be one of them.

You may be thinking that it sounds like a lot of work, and we are not going to lie to you, it can be if you don’t write about what you’re passionate about.

There are two main ways you can make money from blogging. The first is via sponsored posts. Once you have an established blog, companies and individuals will pay you to feature on your blog. These are called sponsored posts and they are the best thing ever if you’re a student. Why? It’s like FREE money! 

The second way is by signing up for an affiliate scheme and writing blog posts that include a special link. You get paid every single time someone clicks on it. It’s a great way to make extra cash with very little effort. And if your blog gets a lot of attention, you can count on ‘affiliate marketing’ as it’s known, as a steady and regular income stream. Bingo.

4. Get on TikTok

Love it, or hate it, TikTok is here to stay. It was the most downloaded app in the first month of 2020 and has 800 million active users. If you’ve ever wanted to be an influencer, now is your time.

You may be wondering, OK, but how do I make money from TikTok? You’re just a student. Think again. You can reach a huge audience and amass thousands of followers with just one video. Just one video! Once you have a significant number of followers, you are officially a TikTok influencer. Then, it’s easy to get followers on all your other social media channels. And then? Watch the money roll in.  Big brands are all over TikTok and looking to partner with people just like you. The best thing is all you need is your phone and some imagination. 

Go for it.

5. Sell Stuff on Depop

You may scoff at the idea of selling stuff you don’t like anymore, but even in 2020, people are always on the hunt for deals.

Forget eBay. 

The place for students to make a nice bit of dough is Depop. It’s not just clothing. You can literally sell anything. ANYTHING (ok, within reason). 

What’s that saying? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. 

We all have a lot of stuff lying around we don’t use and definitely don’t need. Trust us when we say, Depop is about to become your new best friend. 

When deciding what price to sell your stuff, take a look at what others are selling similar items for and price yours accordingly. 

And if you decide to do all these interesting ways to make money, you could earn an extra $1,000 a month. And as a student, every penny counts. It all adds up. So, if you had to pick just one way to make money as a student, which one of these routes would you choose?

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