Dog Room Décor 101: 5 Tips for Designing a Dream-Worthy Dog Room

Whether you’re a casual dog lover with a single pup to spoil or a person dedicating your life to your canine companions, your pups deserve a comfortable space to wind down and relax. Dogs—just like humans—benefit from having a separated area, especially one filled with stimulating toys, high-quality beds, and kennels to call home. Additionally, having a designated dog room can prevent unwanted chewing and barking while calming the nerves of high-strung or over-excited pups.   

That said, you should invest your money into quality furnishings and items to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. Avoid cheap, chewable materials, hazardous toys, and harmful threats, and read on for five design tips and dog room essentials. 

Invest in a high-quality dog bed

Selecting the perfect bed for your pup is an essential first step to setting up your dog room. Though it may be tempting to pick out the least expensive or softest bedding at your local pet store, there are more important factors to consider, like size, support, and design. If your dogs are larger, make sure to purchase bedding with ample space to stretch out. For pups of any size, buying orthopedic memory foam dog beds will soothe potentially achy joints and provide excellent support. 

Be creative with food bowls

Depending on how many dogs you have, food bows may need a distinct, sectioned-off space. Having a separated place for your pups to eat on top of easily cleanable silicone mats away from distraction is a perfect way to keep messy eaters and drinkers from spreading grime around your home. Additionally, you can purchase puzzle or slow feeders for speed demons prone to choking on their food. Not only does it slow their pace, but it also stimulates them, keeping your dog calm and collected during dinner time. 

Hang up photos and accolades

Although practical items are essential for any dog-lovers dream room, making room for fun canine-related decor will spice up your space. Whip out any pictures of you and your pup, hang any sporting awards or certificates and proudly display any artwork of your furry friends. Not only will it spark joy when you enter the area, but dog decor is also an excellent conversation starter when guests visit your home. Just make sure any hazardous items are displayed safely and away from curious pets. 

Purchase sturdy kennels

A common misconception amongst casual dog owners is that frequent kennel usage is cruel as it limits the space your dog has to roam. On the contrary, giving your pet a space to decompress and relax after a day of activity is highly beneficial for their mental and physical health. High-quality kennels are also excellent solutions for overly nervous or noisy pups, allowing you to separate them from the commotion and offer a safe space to calm down. 

Show off your dog’s accessories

In addition to hanging up your pet photos and decor, consider displaying any leashes, collars, bandanas, or other fun accessories in your dog room to show off your extensive collection. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a new item for your dog, only for it to sit in a drawer until you use it next. Hanging up your unique, patterned apparel allows you to see your options clearly and enjoy your assorted purchases. 

Parting shot

Designing your dream dog room requires more than a bed and a couple of toys. Instead, go all out and give your pup the best by purchasing high-quality bedding, individual kennels, and shelving for any dog-related accessories for a room you and your canine companion will enjoy. 

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