Does My Ex Still Love Me?

By Avani Peterson

‘…..Make-believing we’re together,
that I’m sheltered by your heart.
But in and outside I’ve turned to water
like a teardrop in your palm.
And it’s a hard winter’s day, I dream away.

It must have been love but it’s over now,
it was all that I wanted, now I’m living without….’
-Roxette ,’ It Must have been Love’

You broke up a year back and you tried to be strong. You did everything you could to mend your broken heart. Movies with friends, night outs, dates, family time drowned your sorrows. But when you had time to yourself, to think and introspect, all you did was think about him and the times you spend together. There are days when you cry in your sleep and hope against hope that you can go back to when it all began. You miss him when most happy or really sad. You are clearly still in love with your ex and you cannot deny that to yourself. But does your ex still love you? Do you still have a chance together and can make it work if you try harder?.These are a few tips to find out if your ex still loves you and if your paths will ever merge.

He answers your calls

Its 2 Am but you need to hear his voice. You know it’s wrong to call him at this time. But you cannot help yourself. You can hear your heartbeat when the phone rings. And then you hear his voice. It is evident he was sleeping. But he talks to you gently and asks you if things are fine with you. He talks to you as long as you want to. Your calls do not irritate him. Chances are he still cares about you and is there for you when you need him.

He calls you on special days

Be it promotion or a mishap in the family he calls to share the news with you. When happy he wants you to be a part of it and he needs you when he is sad. He makes it sound as casual as he can but you know from the way his voice sounds that you are still important to him.

We will be friends

You both know you broke up and you had reasons. But he refuses to let go. When you broach the topic and try telling him that its best for you to not stay in touch he pleads with you and tells you will be friends. He does not want to break that one thread that connect you to him. Breakup at any stage is difficult and it is not easy to let go. But if this happens even after months of separation chances are he still loves you and wants to get back to you.

He finds excuses to meet you

He has to return your book or needs a pen that is with you. He calls you every day on some pretext or other and wants to meet you. If you didn’t matter to him a pen or a book wouldn’t matter either. He wants to see you because he still loves you.

He is worried to death when you are ill

He finds out that you are down with fever and calls you a million times, sends you get well soon cards and gives you advice about how to take care. He cares for you and this shows that his love for you is still alive.

He Keeps track about your dates

He traces you on Facebook and checks profiles of the men in your friend list. He asks you about them if he thinks you are dating someone. He calls your best friend to enquire about your life. He may tell you that he is happy for you and wants you to move on but in reality he is jealous of the one you are dating but does not know how to say that to you.

He sends flowers on your birthday

He remembers your birthday and sends you cards and flowers. He also calls you on the day you met, your first date together, on valentine’s day, the day you broke up just to talk to you. He is probably thinking of you all the time but something is stopping him from saying that to you. He is scared that you may not want to go back to him. If you think he still cares about you then you may consider taking the first step.

The nature of the breakup

How bad was your breakup? Did you breakup because you were incompatible and you fought with each other on silly issues. Some relationships are irreparable no matter how much you care about each other. However if you broke up because of external factors such as family, a misunderstanding or a one- off incident then your ex probably still loves you and there are chances of reconciliation.


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