DIY Fashion: T-Shirt to Scarf

By Marisa Hezekiah

Do you have T-Shirts lying around that you never use. Using these simple tricks, you can take the shirts that are just taking up room in your drawers and turn them into stylish alternatives.

Fringe Scarf

  1. Take a shirt of your choosing, flip it so that the side you want visible is on the inside of the shirt.

  2. Measure about 10 inches down the shirt, and place a mark. Then place a mark at the bottom of each sleeve. Connect the dots in an arch shape. Then cut off the sleeves.

  3. Cut along the arch shape making sure you are cutting both layers.

  4. Make a mark under the neck hole at the center and an inch away from the end of the sides of the neck hole. After you make the marks, draw and cut another arch. Pull this hole apart.

  5. Starting at the center, cut a straight line until you get to about half an inch away from the top of the fabric. (Make sure you are cutting both the bottom and the top layers.) Then measure about an inch the left or right and cut another line. Repeat this until you get the whole piece of fabric cut apart.

Tube Scarf

  1. Cut the bottom half of a shirt in a straight line.

  2. Pull it apart.

Need a visual? Learn how to make a rope scarf from this video!


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