DIY Décor To Suit Each Season

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Each season witnesses a change in outfit choices, from bikinis in the summer to bulky coats in the winter. While clothing plays a huge role in seasonal style, so does décor, and often, you can tell what season it is by the interior of a café or storefront. Brands have utilized seasonal products as novelty, limited-edition ploys to draw in customers. For example, Starbucks’ Spiced Pumpkin Latte is now synonymous with the beginning of fall/”spooky season”.

However, it’s not only businesses that alter the decor of a space or the type of product they offer to reflect seasonal changes. People have also begun to decorate their homes to suit the seasons, too. While this might sound expensive at first, rest assured, we’re not suggesting a full home makeover four times a year. Rather, decoration with soft furnishings is a great idea and by embarking on a journey of seasonal DIY craft, your home can match the season in no time. We’ll look at some examples.


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As the clocks spring forward and flowers start to flourish, spring is known as the season of lighter days and brighter scenery. This outdoor aesthetic can easily be brought to the walls of your very own home in just a few simple steps. One way to do this is to opt for brighter colors of greens and yellows to replicate the natural outdoor elements of grass and daffodils.

This can be achieved via soft furnishings like curtains, cushion covers, and bedding. If you have some old brightly colored clothing or cloth lying around, then sewing your very own cushion cover is one way to achieve this and reduces any potential waste.


As the hottest season of the year, a lot of the summer season is spent outdoors. While the bright colors from spring can extend into the summer season, you can take your DIY hacks a step further in the summer months. One growing trend over recent years is outdoor flower walls, which can be used in your back garden, on a covered decking area, or in a conservatory. Making a flower wall isn’t too difficult either. All you need are a wooden board with a stand, some false flowers, and a staple gun. Then voila, your home is a summer haven.


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Golden in color, fall typically is associated with warm tones of orange, brown, and gold, and with Halloween a staple event, pumpkin spice is the flavor of the season. Autumnal decorations are perhaps the most popular and leafy wreaths can be seen hung on doors across the globe.

To make one of these, all you need is a wreath frame, false warm-colored leaves, orange- and yellow-colored flowers, some string, and some strong adhesive glue. By tying the leaves and flowers onto the frame and holding them in place with glue, it will ensure that the wreath stands the test of time and the autumnal weather.

From soft furnishings to blooming décor, decorating your home for the season can be both fun and fulfilling task. We’ve given just some examples but there are many more décor ideas to dress your home!

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