CompTIA A+ Certification: What It Has in Store for You and How to Achieve It through Its Tests

Due to frequent advancements in tech, CompTIA, the recognized leader in the IT industry, recently presented its new certification program.

Due to frequent advancements in tech, CompTIA, the recognized leader in the IT industry, recently presented its new certification program. It’s also important to note that these changes have seen some exams being replaced in order to match the skills acquired with those demanded at the workplace and it is time for you to check out what credential suits you best depending on your area of interest in the IT field. So, today CompTIA offers various badges from entry to advanced level that fall in four categories:

  • Core Certifications which are for those candidates who want to launch their careers in IT and which include: ITF+, CompTIA A+ 220-1001 & 220-1002 VCE Dumps, Network+, and Security+. The CompTIA A+ credential is discussed further in this article, with a focus on its 220-1001 and 220-1002 tests.
  • Infrastructure Badges include Linux+, Server+, and Cloud+.
  • Cybersecurity Credentials consist of PenTest+, CySA+, and CASP+.
  • Additional Professional Certifications involve credentials such as Project+, CTT+, and Cloud Essentials+.

Details of CompTIA A+ Credential and Its Exams

As already stated, the A+ badge is among the core credentials which are ideal for entry-level professionals. This badge validates skills and competencies in relation to the following content like supporting IT infrastructure and networking, demonstrating basic security skills, troubleshooting IT problems, and providing solutions. Two tests are required for you to earn this credential, which are 220-1001 (core 1) and ExamSnap A Plus 220-1001 (core 2). Core 1 exam mainly focuses on the configuration, installation, and maintenance of PCs, mobile devices, and software whereas core 2 focuses on configuring and installing operating systems, troubleshooting software, expanding software security including operational procedures. There are no prior requirements for applying and scheduling for this assessment. However, 9-12 months of direct experience in the field or lab as an IT support specialist is recommended before tackling the test. But what are the details of the two exams? Well, the assessments, offered in several languages including English, Spanish, and Japanese, among the rest, contain 90 questions which are supposed to be answered within 90 minutes. Each of the tests costs $226and the questions follow a performance-based, multiple-choice and, drag and drop format.The passing score for 220-1001 is 675 grades out of 900. However, for 220-1002 the passing mark is different, with 700 points on a scale of 100-900 to successfully complete the exam.

A+ Tests Study Materials

As you understood from the previous paragraph, the A+ assessments are quite expensive so much interest & effort should be put into effective exam prep in order to ace the test on the first attempt. In order to cover all the topics during revision, it’s advised to utilize different study resources to make your preparation more efficient. The tools outlined below will help you revise for 220-1001 & 220-1002 adequately:

  • Books

Books with details of the concepts evaluated in core 1 and core 2 tests can easily be obtained either in print form or as eBooks from online stores such as Amazon and the CompTIA store. One great option of such books is the best seller CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide by Mike Meyers that can be found on the Amazon website.

  • Training

CompTIA has teamed up with authorized training partners to offer training courses for 220-1001 and 220-1002assessments for students in various countries worldwide. The options available for candidates who enroll in this program are in-class live training sessions that are attended offline and free self-paced online classes. Training sessions can also be in the form of video training conducted by A+ experts. These videos are helpful in making difficult topics less challenging and hence supplementing other prep tools.

  • Exam dumps

Most students have attested to using exam dumps as one of the most effective prep tool. Such trusted dumps can be obtained from and Exam-Labs.comsites. From these platforms, you can opt for the free and updated exam dumps uploaded by recent candidates for A+ assessments and many other tests offered by Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, EC-Council and other famous IT leaders. What is more, you can purchase from these providers paid A+ exam dumps that were expert-verified. For more details, check out their official 220-1001 & 220-1002 pages.

Certification Renewal

Once you earn the CompTIA A+, it expires after 3 years from the day of final core 2 exam. Luckily, CompTIA has a recertification program which allows a credential holder to renew his/her badge while at the same time continue to remain relevant in the field. Some of the recertification paths include:

  • Earning a higher credential. For instance, earning a badge in the infrastructure or cybersecurity certifications category will suffice.
  • Participating in certain activities that are regarded by CompTIA as Continuing Education (CE). From the official CompTIA website, these activities include completing the vendor’s training courses and attending live webinars and conferences.
  • Collecting a minimum of 20 Continuing Education Units, uploading them to your badge account, and your A+ will be renewed for another 3 years.


The IT sphere is very dynamic with new technology being developed frequently and new opportunities arising daily. If you are a professional looking to launch or to boost your career in the IT field, look no further because the CompTIA A+ certification is specifically designed with performance-based topics that arm you with the skills required to carry out critical IT support roles at the workplace. This article has outlined all the necessary information you require to earn the A+ badge through passing its 220-1001 and 220-1002 assessments. Wish you the best as you take your career to the next level by being CompTIA A+ certified!

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