The Most Common Social Security Disability Application Issues

social security disability application

Are you applying for Social Security disability benefits for the first time? If so, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the process. The application is complicated. Many deserving people find their disability application denied in their time of need. It is useful to understand the most common issues. Below, you find a brief overview of the reasons why SSDI and SSI applications are denied.

Common Social Security Disability Application Errors

To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you must satisfy all of the requirements of the program. Social Security disability denials generally fit into one of the following two broad categories:

  1. Medical Denials: Approximately half of all Social Security disability denials fall into the category of medical denials. In effect, a medical denial means that a claims administrator determined that the applicant lacked sufficient medical evidence to prove that they were too disabled to work. Some medical denials occur because the applicant simply failed to include enough medical records along with their claim. To protect yourself against the risk of medical denial, it is crucial that you include comprehensive medical documentation with your application.

  2. Technical Denials: When a Social Security disability application is denied for a non-medical reason, it is referred to as a technical denial. Most often, a technical denial means that the SSA believes that the applicant did not meet the financial or legal eligibility requirements. This can happen for a wide range of different reasons. As an example, the SSA may determine that the applicant has too much income to qualify for benefits at this time. Alternatively, the agency may assess that the applicant lacks sufficient work history to obtain benefits through the SSDI program.

Sadly, many people have trouble getting the full and fair disability benefits that they deserve under federal law. The Social Security Administration reports that two-thirds of initial applicants are denied. Even a relatively small error could cause a significant delay or an outright denial. If you have never filed for SSDI benefits or SSI benefits, you can benefit from having an attorney review your application before sending it to the agency.

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