Cold World, Bundle Up: 5 Winter-essentials

December has made its mark, which means winter is creeping around the corner. Layering has already began for fall, but with these freezing temperatures on the rise, it’s time to take it up a notch. Here are 5 mus-have winter essentials:

winter wonderland

Maison Scotch low rise pants, $115 / TOMS gray flat / Gold silver earrings / Wooden Ships / Ted Baker , $95 / Hat / Yves Saint Laurent


1. Coat: What’s winter without a coat? That’s pretty self-explanatory. Trying to be cute and staying warm are different. Don’t set yourself up for a cold, by wearing the bare minimum. There are tons of stylish coats out that are both fashionable and warm. A peacoat is a good choice, but for those much colder days, a puffer coat will help you stay warmer.

2. Fur: Fur can become a permanent staple in your winter wardrobe that never goes out of style. Faux far in particular is ideal (let’s save the animals). From a fur coat to a fur vest to even a fur collar, there’s endless options.

3. Hats: Hats are an essential every winter and you can never have too many hats. The more, the merrier. Felt hats are really popular and sophisticated with a fitted coat. If you’re not into felt hats, you can always throw a flap hat on for double the protection, covering both your head and ears. You may get hat hair, but your head will thank you later.

4. Corduroys: Corduroys are another alternative to jeans. They are thicker and made specifically for the colder months. They come in many colors and can be paired with your knits.

5: Gloves: Give your hands some tender lovin’ care because they crave it and need it. Leather gloves are fall-proof, but you might need something a little more thicker for winter. Knitted gloves are always warm and mittens are even better, however they can be a little restrictive. To each its own.

You don’t have to sacrifice your style because winter is approaching. Experimenting is always key so that you can find your own personal style. Have fun with your wardrobe this winter and stay warm!

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